Amy Fairlamb

Graphic Designer

Amy is a designer a recent graduate a Chicagoland native a millennial

Amy is a Chicago-land native and recent graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University. She majored in Graphic Design and minored in Business. Amy believes that the best part of design is being able to integrate strategy and aesthetics to create something amazing. She especially enjoys seeing projects come together, contributing to the overall design process, and knowing that her work is impacts her clients and their brand experience. In her free time she enjoys catching up on her favorite TV shows, trying a new restaurant or returning to a favorite spot to eat with friends or family.

Typical day at the office for Amy


cups of coffee


team high-fives


stretch breaks


creative sessions


songs played on Pandora

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The best advice I have ever gotten is to keep things in perspective and to not sweat the small stuff.

I keep a pair of drumsticks in my car and use my steering wheel to drum along to the music I’m listening to. (Don’t worry, not when I’m actually driving, that’s what stoplights are for!)

My favorite quote is “Live, Laugh, Love.”

My first job was working the concession stand at a nearby neighborhood pool for the summer.

The place I would most like to visit is Italy.

What I miss most about being a kid is the fact that it was such a simpler time of life and that you had little to no responsibilities or obligations.

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Social Media
Print Design
Web Design

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