(CHICAGO, IL, September 20, 2013)  — Fresh Design Studio (freshd1.sg-host.com) has created a whole new online experience for the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. They carefully handcrafted the entire website, and designed the experience to be visually engaging, while still containing all the necessary content. Through their ideas and design, viewers from around the world can experience Chinatown the way it is meant to be.

“The entire website is dynamically designed to be experiential. There isn’t a single dull moment when you are browsing the website. We carefully chose each image and animation, while creating an engaging touring experience” said Anson Wu, Creative Director at Fresh Design Studio. The engaging touring provides the viewers with an enjoyable experience.

The creators of the website wanted to build an experience like no other. Robin Jackson, Lead Designer at Fresh Design Studio said, “We worked to polish each finest detail, and make sure each design experience is handcrafted before releasing it to the public.”

With this newly designed website, the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce can offer many different tours, information and opportunities to tourists, residents and businesses online. Tourists can visit the new website to find Chinese restaurants, Chicago hotels and Chicago events happening around the city. It will provide them with different things to do in Chicago, while showing them many Chicago attractions.

Fresh Design Studio provides a unique comprehension of digital advertising and marketing logic informed by intuitive creative thinking and behavioral economics. Simply put, our FRESH perspective allows us to craft brand messages that stick with your customers long after they power down.


(CHICAGO,IL, July 31, 2013) – After a refreshing break, recharge and spark of growth, the boutique digital advertising and marketing agency, Fresh Design Studio, reignites their business with a fresh new launch.

Once a firm of three people, Fresh Design Studio (FDS) boldly strides into the realm of big data with a brand new look. The agency has added new search features, a weekly blog and a 100% responsive web interface suitable for smart phones and tablets. Creative Director Anson Wu expresses his excitement about the new website, “It’s good to practice what you preach.” Wu prides his firm in providing intuitive design and fresh creative perspectives for various industries. Marcus McGlory, Director of New Business Development, is enthusiastic about the website, “From a programming aspect, the world is leaning toward a more realistic exchange between real life and virtual connections. For us at FDS, we believe we should be in the flow and also leading the charge with the new technologies that are being presented. It’s our mission to recognize how they can be used for our clients in the most efficient and profitable ways.”

Conveniently located in the Monadnock building on Jackson Boulevard and Dearborn Street, neighbors have flocked to FDS for their design and web development needs. FDS is one of the agencies igniting this service for businesses locally, regionally and overseas. After taking clients such as West Coast Defender, American Medical Spa and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Art Director Nana Freduah comments on client interaction, saying, “With the emergence of mobile as a major strategy for our clients, we have learned how to engage users in a modern and forward thinking way.” It is only a matter of months until all competitive websites have mobile capability.

The agency intends to attract more clients and talent during their re-launch and has already expanded their business by eight designers and analysts. Recent partnerships with Chicago-based organizations have helped FDS carve their name in the competitive market. Good luck to the boutique agency as they refresh and soar into the Fall 2013 season.



(CHICAGO, IL, July 2, 2013) – Fresh Design Studio, a digital agency based in Chicago, has recently partnered with American Medical Spa. Also known as AmSpa, the company is an organization that assists practitioners interested in building their own med spa practice by providing resources to promote safety and profitability. “The information and regulations for the industry are scattered.” says Anson Wu, Creative Director of Fresh Design Studio, which aims to brand the information and make it intuitively available for AmSpa’s members.

Fitted with an online industry job board and discounts for staff training, AmSpa was able to harness and organize the information holistically while Fresh Design Studio placed the information online for simple navigation. AmSpa offers different levels of membership on a geographic scale. According to Wu, “We [at Fresh Design Studio] believe in their [American Medical Spa Association] mission and potential in this industry.” The partnership should make digital management easier for AmSpa as they venture to amplify a burgeoning industry that faces growing demand.

Fresh Design Studio does it again amidst their partnership with the American Medical Spa Association. The newly designed website has attracted valuable AmSpa members and even more clients for Fresh Design Studio.

To access the AmSpa website, go to http://www.americanmedspa.org/about-amspa/ and for more information visit www.FreshDesignStudio.com. To connect via Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/FreshDesignStudio.

About Fresh Design Studio

FDS provides a unique comprehension of advertising and marketing logic informed by intuitive creative thinking and behavioral economics. We aim to create materials that influence your audience and further your mission, not pretty pictures in an awards annual. We use our strategic communications knowhow and strong design sense to create a result that is so much more than a handsome website. Our experience in project management and implementation ensures that we will sweat the details and produce a website that exceeds expectations and instills delight in your audience.


If you would like more information about this topic, or to speak with either Fresh Design Studio or American Medical Spa, please call Anson Wu at (312) 880-9337.


(CHICAGO, IL) –  Fresh Design Studio – known as the “nimble interactive design agency” – is celebrating its fourth anniversary with success in unique branding and not only memorable, but marketable, communications for their happy clients.  Located in the heart of Chicago, FDS is one of the city’s most popular creative agencies as it brings innovative technology fused with advertising intelligence to the marketplace. Leading a team of creative technologists and a stellar group of talented designers Anson Wu, Creative Director for Fresh Design Studio said of the company, “Celebrating four years is a big deal.  We’re honored to celebrate with the great clients who have helped us along the way as we found ways to engage their customers on a whole new level.”

Fresh Design Studio clients include the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Chicago Metro AEYC, Bella Nico, and Kennedy Wilson.  “Advertising is about the experience.  We keep that in mind when we design and implement campaigns for our clients.”  added Wu.  With the focus on how to best understand client’s needs and the preferences of their target audiences Fresh Design Studio builds intrinsic value into each story they tell via engaging branding.