Yes, it is the trend. I’m sure you notice that websites are  becoming  customized and personal. Websites used to be more informational. As reliance on the Internet grew, websites are now a marketplace for inspirations, promotions and branding. With HTML 5, C++ and JAVA, websites are completely changed and different from one another, making them more delightful.

The idiom says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But as it is now, you just have to show your capabilities and fine skills on your website because it is one of the only ways for others to learn about you and become interested in you and your works.

It has become the new form of portfolio. We are from different backgrounds and different professions. We have our own way of showing others who we are and what we do. With different programs and themes, we can explore and search for the best suitable style to build a strong and unique brand. Since everyone wants to stand out among billions of website, websites will only become more personalized and customized for different purposes.

Website Trending Styles

Flat UI example

Flat User Interface

Flat user interfaces are actually more popular than you think. Apple’s iOS 7 and Windows 8 both use a flat UI design on their devices. Yet, a lot of design firms and studios are redesigning their websites to follow this trend.

Responsive Sites

More and more people now own tablets and smart phones, which they use for browsing when they are away from computers. Websites that look good on a computer browser will not fit and function well on your six-inch, hand-held devices. Responsive websites automatically adjust for different devices for best appearance and functionality.

Website Trending Useful Tools


Bootstrap is a new tool designed by Twitter that helps programers organize codes in designing pretty website pages, based on HTML and CSS. Bootstrap is used with WordPress to make websites delightful to view and responsive to use. It is also compatible with most browsers.

Bootstrap 3, the new update, focuses on mobile website development. Instead of switching from a website on computer browser to mobile ones, Bootstrap helps mobile websites expand the other way.

WordPress for Website Design

WordPress is still the most popular CMS, especially compared to Drupal and Joomla. WordPress is easier to manage and explore for those who don’t have much experience in coding. Themes and plugins are ready to download and be installed. You can utilize these applications to customize your own website.

Google Analytics and AdWords for Website Design

Google Analytics and AdWords are not the newest; however, they are very useful. Google Analytics will share data with you, where you can find the weakness in your websites. You will be able to learn more about your viewers’ behaviors, such as what page get the most clicks and what time of the day gets the most views.

Not to mention, more human interest and elements are added to websites, such as meet the staff, contact info and social media accounts. Getting more personal is a sincere way to share your stories and work. It will help you gain credibility and trust from viewers.



(CHICAGO, IL, October 1, 2013)  – Chicago’s annual Social Media Week took off on September 23rd. Our very own Creative Director at Fresh Design Studio, Anson Wu gave a presentation on the social way of Chicago and the importance of a company’s social media reputation.  It was an enlightening speech that provided the audience with very useful tips.

Now that Social Media Week is over, another great week is coming to Chicago. The 3rd annual Chicago Idea Week begins on October 14th.  Hundreds of the world’s brightest thought leaders will flock to town drawing in more than 25,000 attendees.  There will be 25 Talks and 100 Labs about creativity, education, food, science, business and more.

The idea geniuses such as world-renowned chef Mario Batali, award-winning actor Gary Sinise, GE Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing officer Beth Comstack will help the city of Chicago come alive by presenting their own ideas and encouraging millions of others. One of the main topics during the Chicago Ideas Week is The Creative Process.

How does Fresh Design Studios’ creative process happen you may ask? We have a special process.  It all begins with our young design team.  The fresh faces of Fresh Design Studio have millions of ideas bouncing around all the time.  They feed off of each other’s enthusiasm to come up with brilliant ideas.  If they ever hit a mental block, the team helps each other out. Team members send ridiculous Youtube videos to help them make a creative leap.  Second, the team uses the resources they have to always stay up to date.  They constantly research new designs, tools and websites.  They’re always on top of their game when it comes to evolving technologies and social media. Finally, the team’s final secret is to relax.  The brain is most creative when it’s relaxed, so we like to do fun activities to help.  Our most recent outing was on a boat trip on the Chicago River.  We had a wonderful lunch, while sharing ideas and laughing. We’re always coming up with new activities to do next.


What should we do next to help our creative process, your vote counts:

1. Freeze tag through the city of Chicago

2. Dress up as ninjas and play hide and seek in the Monadnock building

3. Create a Parkour video


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually good for your creative branding if at all some of the ideas behind the challenge are followed. It became a sensation after the ALS Association decided to use it as a way of raising some money for their association. One of the reasons as to why they made it is because their creative advertising came from an interesting point of view. The story behind the challenge was inspirational and because they stood out in grabbing the attention of those who heard it, they actually made it. The authenticity of the movement also caught people’s attention earlier on because real people started on it. This started with the CEO of ALS Association who was the first to be challenged. Because of the cause behind the challenge, people got a chance to spread the awareness by undertaking the challenge and posting it on the internet.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was also engaging and fun and all the things that were needed for you to take the challenge could be availed easily. For starters, you only needed a Smartphone, an ice bucket and a social media account. Thinking in a way that will be fun and engaging for your audience is what will determine the success of your brand. Thinking out of the box happens to be one of the ways that your brand will get to be known out there and in the event that there is controversy in the method you have chosen in making known your brand, welcome it. This goes on to provide the perfect opportunity for you to converse with your consumers.

An artist is known by his canvas, a book by its cover and a business by its website. Irrespective of its type or size, every business indispensably requires a website for successful operation. In the generation of the autocrat internet, promoting your business dynamics on the web platform is crucial. However creating a web URL is just not enough. The perfect web design is the fulcrum on which your business success rests on. 1


It is important to remember that appropriate digital design of a website is a necessity. A successful entrepreneur always foresees the expansion of his business territory by catering to client interests. A website reliant on superficial web design does not solve the purpose. You just cannot leave it to online DIY website creation formats. Ensure that your business profile is expressed well in the web design. An entrepreneur has to adopt the attitude of an architect when creating his own website.


Give your website an appearance such that it describes volumes about you and your business. It is vital to realize there are other rivals engaged in the same play. In order to be victorious you need to add that extra zing to your website. Creating a user friendly web design is certainly the best option.


Everyone wants that stunning factor in their website that is the best for the business. However it doesn’t mean you need to introduce flashy features that may not facilitate smooth navigation eventually. Let your creation stand on the crossroads of innovation and interaction. Include a blog area and comments section, enhancing the opportunity of your clients to reach out to you. An interactive design enables you to spread your business2across the globe.


Going digital is the new mantra. Get your business etched with digital design and keep your enterprise upgraded with amazing website fluidity.


Logos isn’t all about you and your business. It’s about how this design of logo reminds others of your business and how they could relate themselves to it. At the end, you want a memorable design that people would recognize your brand and business.

You need an outstanding logo to strive in this visually competitive market. In this article, you will find helpful tips and sources for inspirations for your new logo.

1. Learn About Your Audience

It’s impossible to find a shirt that fits everyone. But you can find a shirt that the majority likes. It’s impossible to make one logo that everyone would relate to. But you can design a logo that the majority of your audience would like. Are they a younger crowd? Are they students? or are they more like the serious type?

Different type of people have different preferences in visual arts. Some like creativity while some may like the traditional logo that has the name spelled out. Your logo represents your brand, and it need to be relevant to your audience.

2. Draw Out Your Ideas And Keep The Sketches

Sure you have ideas about what the logo should be and how it is delivered. You should draw the different ideas on a blank sheet of paper. There you can compare your different ideas. These are also experimental logos that you can show your friends and colleagues.

With your ideas drawn out, you will be able to tell what you like and dislike about them.

3. Decide On Typography, Space And Colors

Logos are arts composed of different elements. Elements like typography, space and colors will play important roles on the presentation of your logos.

Apply different elements on the same design to get a good look for your logo. Minor changes make the difference.

4. Make It Last!

Logos need to last. Unlike content that need to be updated frequently for SEO results, logos are meant to last. It’s a tradition within the business. For example, Shell, Coca Cola and Kellogg have kept their timeless elements when they update their logos subtly.

A complete makeover of the logo could imply changes in core values in the business, which could possibly lead to a loss of customers.

5. Don’t Be A Copycat

It’s tempting to look up other logos for inspirations at the initial stage. But don’t copy others! Your reputation would be destroyed and ethnics long lost. Internet is a wonderful place for inspirations. It’s also the place where watchdogs are monitoring copycats. They will hunt you down. Check out Logotheif ( They’ve found the copycats in logos.

Copy cat

Credit to LogoTheif (


So how’s your logo doing? Download this flowchart to check via



Again, don’t be a copycat. Only get inspired by these good and award-winning logos, don’t copy them.

At last, think outside of the box!

Here are a few websites for your reference and inspirations only:

Logofaves | Award winning logos | Creative Designed Logos | Logo Gallery


If you have any ideas about your logo and not sure how to visualize it, talk to us today and we will give you a hand!