Does the Google Ad Certification Exam look like a pain in the butt to you? Read this article if you want to learn how you can pass the test without having to take it what feels like a billion times.

1. Videos! Videos! Videos!

Are you looking at a topic, definition, or sentence and thinking Google why are you doing this to me? Or are you someone who’s crunched on time or just doesn’t feel like reading then watch videos on YouTube. There are hundreds of videos posted on YouTube by men or women in the digital marketing industry that walk individuals through different Google Ads topics. I spent hours looking through the modules trying not to throw my computer out the window. One day, I decided to try a new learning method. Hence, I went to YouTube. After watching numerous amount of videos, I thought to myself, Sophia, why didn’t you do this in the first place? I personally found the videos to be a shortcut, more stimulating, simplified, and informative than reading the Google AdWords materials.

2. Online Study Guides-Google Fundamentals  

Some exams like Google Ads Fundamentals, have study guides online. I didn’t realize this was an option until about three days into studying for the exam. Before using the online study guides I was staring blankly at my computer asking myself what are they talking about?

Reading the Google Ads Fundamental Study Guide helped the material click for me and cleared the massive fog in my head. One thing I liked about the study guide is that it doesn’t throw an overwhelming amount of information at you. It sums up each topic in about a paragraph and lists the key information without using any fancy Google Jargon. The Google Fundamentals Study Guide teaches people about keywords, different types of ads, ad extensions and bidding strategies

3. Google Academy for Ads Modules

If the videos and online study guides aren’t enough then Google Ads provides individuals with a training module. To access these modules all you have to do is search Google Academy for Ads, sign up with a Gmail Account, click on the Google Ads, pick a lesson, and scroll down to where it says Study. This interactive module provides everyone with lesson plans based on what topics and questions in the exams they missed. I used the gadget as a guideline to understand what topics I should study next. This device provides humankind with information by utilizing a scrollable feature with animated figures and dropdown arrows. Most of the modules offered through Google Ads tells a hypothetical story told by an animated person and the steps he or she took to open their store. I would recommend going through each lesson about three times and by then your Google Ads knowledge should be moving in the right direction.  

4. Take Notes

My memory can be like, Dory from Finding Nemo, when it comes to memorizing academic materials. The 23 years of my life has taught me that if I want to pass exams I need to take pages and pages of notes.  I have found that the repetition has helped the material stick in my brain which makes the next step of understanding the materials easier. Take as many notes as you need for the information to stick whether it’s five, twenty, or fifty pages of notes.

The first thing I notice before taking the Google exams is I saw the phrase you need to score eighty percent or more to pass the exams. I thought how the heck am I going to do that? It took me a total of two or three weeks to pass four or five exams. So give yourself time to understand the materials. Like everything in life, it takes lots of practice. Even though YouTube and the online study guide helped me the first, take a step back to figure out which method is beneficial for you.

Does the thought of maintaining or creating Google Ads accounts your head spin?

The first month of so of maintaining a Google AdWords account made me stare blankly at my computer. At the beginning I was overwhelmed by all the data, keywords, and advertisements in Adwords. I asked myself if this was gibberish and sometimes questioned my abilities. Slowly, some of the confusion, frustration, and fog has cleared in my head with just a few simple tricks which I will explain throughout the article.

Throughout this report I will use Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core Ice Cream to help me demonstrate ways to increase the CTR rate.  Let’s also say that your client is Walmart. After you read this article, go ahead and treat yourself to a pint of ice cream, assuming your not allergic to dairy. I know, I want to be sitting at my desk and munching on a pint of that chocolatey and delicious cookie dough ice cream.

Why Keywords and Ad Relevant is Essential to Increase CTR Rate

Go back into your ad and take a deeper look at your keywords. Firsts things first make sure to include exact [ ], phrase “ “, and broad match keywords into your search query. It’s essential to make sure your keywords fit consumers needs and aren’t too generic. Meaning the keywords and advertising should list the brand “Ben and Jerry’s” and product “Cookie Dough Ice Cream Core” you’re advertising to ensure that consumers are searching for that product. If your keywords and ads aren’t too generic consumers will exit out of your website because it is not the product they wanted. Let’s say a consumer clicks on an ad and only sees cookie dough chunks, a different flavor of ice cream, or see an advertisement at the wrong store. In the first example, your consumer wanted ice cream not actually raw cookie dough so they find a new advertisement for a different store like Target. In the second example, consumers go to your store looking for that flavor but cant find it. So they hop back in their car and again drive to target.

Improve your Keywords

Your search terms should include the brand and the name of the product to improve CTR rate for that specific product. I also type all keyword variations of the ice cream flavor into the keywords list. Typing in “Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core”, [Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core], and Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core. Next, I’ll take a deeper look into the product and see what other benefits or key takeaways I could add to the keyword. For example, Ben and Jerry’s makes a few different sub flavors for this product. Some of their sub flavors include Sweet like Sugar, Wake and “No Bake”, and Boom Chocolatta. Just as a quick and random side note, Boom Chocolatta is fun to say “boom chocolatta, boom chocolatta, boom chocolatta”. Sorry for my weird dose of crazy, weirdness and randomness. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little crazy, weird, sweet but can have a bite to me but only when needed.  Now back to talking about Google AdWords.

Improving AdCopy

I mentioned in my last section make sure your information is relevant and correct. Check to make sure the price, url, and benefits are correct. If anything changes make sure to update the ad and change the price so users do not leave your site.  My first suggestion about creating advertisements would be to duplicate advertising and test different methods to see what consumers are searching for. Make sure to take a screenshot or record your ads and the data to test whether or not that ad is efficient. Make sure to include the brand, client, price, and benefits of the ad within your ad copy.

Are you a creator, marketer, or advertiser looking for innovative ways to engage Gen Z or Millennials? Individuals waste hours watching millions of senseless, comedic, and ridiculous videos on TikTok. Some examples of the videos you could see are a video of someone throwing bread at his cat, someone buying what he claimed to be the world’s largest Frappuccino at Starbucks, and a male sitting on a chair of firecrackers. If you want educational, music, or a tv platform than TikTok is not the right app for you. But if you want to hours of videos to laugh at, comment on, or share with friends then you’ll fall in love with TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok targets “creative” individuals between the ages of around 12 to 30 years old. Millions of tweens, teens, and young adults’ comment, watch and search the videos with friends, significant others, or family members.  A plethora of 15 or less second videos is uploaded daily to show everyone’s creativity. TikTok has become a home for individuals wanting to express themselves or show off their humor. Some individuals like using effects like slow motion to add drama to their video. Imagine seeing a video of someone smashing their guitar into a tv screen in slow motion.

Why Should I Use TikTok?

Are you reading this article still thinking why in the heck would I use TikTok to advertise a campaign? Think about your target audience and the goal of your campaign. If you’re trying to target tweens, teens, and young adults than there are over 500 million individuals all in one simple app.

One advantage about utilizing TikTok is you skip a lot of complicated legal regulations that go into placing an advertisement on mediums like television or Snapchat. Also, think about the thousands of dollars it cost to place a Discover Ad on Snapchat. Why pay thousands of dollars if you don’t have too? If you’re a creative, unique, funny individual than you can post content on TikTok for free practically.

Since TikTok is a relatively new app they haven’t created a per se advertisement widget. In other words, social media gurus can go around filming and uploading live content, but no advertisements can be designed or uploaded. Are you reading this still thinking dang girl you sound crazy? What would I use this app or what’s the point? The thing is you can still get your message across but in an unorthodox way.  Millennials and Gen Z’ers love TikTok because it’s an app that encourages self-expression.

My advice to you is if you’re considering using TikTok to promote your agency, good, service than have a unique branding strategy but also be informative. Don’t be afraid to use creativity, have fun, and be unique to show off your brand and employees. If your companies utilize the right strategy than followers will be more likely to comment, share, and follow your agency.  If I was the social media boss lady, I would show TikTok followers a deeper look into who works at my agency. For example, I would show individuals the fun parts of the company, what people’s passion or hobbies are, etc. For example, if you have a coworker who’s an amazing photographer, painter, comedian embrace that side of them. Allow each employee to be their own boss on TikTok.

There are common PPC mistakes that people make when creating their first PPC campaign. Before you start your campaign, here are some mistakes that you can avoid to save you time and money.


Common PPC Mistakes: Keywords

One of the PPC mistakes that people make is using only broad match keywords. Using only broad match keywords can lead to wasted clicks and costs. One positive of using broad match keywords is that it can increase the number of clicks your website will receive. If you wish to increase brand awareness, then broad match keywords may be a viable option. It would still be wise to insert some exact match keywords or phrase match keywords. You also need to make sure that you’re adding negative keywords in order to decrease wasted clicks.


Common PPC Mistakes: Conversions

Another common PPC mistake is not tracking conversions. This is especially important when deciding if the cost of your AdWords account is worth the ROI. It’s also important to track conversations to see if there needs to be changes in the ad copy or keyword list. A tip to increase CTR or conversations is to include a call to action in your ad copy.

targeting for conversions

Common PPC Mistakes: Targeting

Another mistake is not using targeting based on geography. People generally have a tendency to go to a local store or shop. When creating ads, you can include a state name or city in the ad. The potential visitor can also know where you are located. It would also be beneficial to use ad scheduling. If you’re creating a call only ad, make sure that you only include the hours when you’re able to pick up the phone.

geo targeting

Common PPC Mistakes: Ad Copy

Another mistake is not including limited time discounts or specials in your ad copy. This can improve your CTR. When you’re creating the ad copy, it would be wise not to lead traffic only to your home page. This can decease your chances of getting a conservation. It is also important to check your AdWords account a few times a week in order to optimize your PPC campaign.


With these tips, you’re now ready to start your PPC journey. Feel free to reach out to us on our PPC services page, if you need help with your campaign.

Millennial Marketing requires a different approach and method. The Millennial generation is one of the biggest generations in US history, which is why it’s important to study their spending habits and views on advertising.

Why is Millennial marketing unique?

Millennials are an interesting generation since they have grown up with digital technology. Millennials are known for being digitally savvy. Since we’re now able to share information instantly, millennials are proficient at connecting or interacting with only the things they want. Millennials’ attention span is also relatively low compared to previous generations, which is why Millennial marketing requires a different tactic.


Millennial views on advertising

In terms of advertising, Millennials are unlikely to trust advertisements. In fact, three out of four Millennials believe that advertising is distracting. They also don’t like being pushed or persuaded to buy things. However, Millennials are also most likely to trust online and mobile advertising. This is why consistency and authenticity are key when targeting Millennials. Millennials also tend to be more open to brands that make them feel like they are contributing or are part of the brand. Due to this, traditional marketing such as TV and billboards will no longer suffice.

tv millennial marketing

Ways to reach millennials

Direct mail can be a great opportunity to reach Millennials. According to a study, over 80% of Millennials look at their mail. Social influencers are also a great way to reach millennials. About 60% of Millennials are likely to follow a brand before buying from the company and are likely to buy from a brand they follow. Millennials also appreciate it when brands have programs that give back or support a cause. They are often willing to spend more from a company with a cause than a company without. Millennials care about the positive impact a brand has on society and they like brands with a conscience. Companies that support good causes can use digital tools such as Facebook or Twitter to promote their causes.

social media content

Although Millennials are a unique group of individuals, there are still ways to get through to them. If you need help reaching Millennials, feel free to reach out to us.

1# PPC Campaign Cost

ppc campaign cost

One benefit of using PPC is that it can be cost effective. With PPC, businesses can have a tight control of the budget, and can determine how much they want to spend in a day. PPC also allows you to adjust your budget at any time.

2# PPC Campaign Targeting

ppc campaign audience

Another benefit of PPC is that you only have to pay when a person clicks on your ad, which means a less wasted budget. Businesses can also target certain types of people through PPC. They can also target individuals based on targeted keywords. You can target individuals that are about to make a purchase by adding specific keywords. An example of this is “buy cheap laptop.”

3# PPC Campaign Audience

ppc campaign targeting







Search engines also have the largest audience on the internet, especially google. There are about 4 billion searches a day worldwide on Google.

4# PPC Campaign Speed

ppc campaign speed

Another benefit of doing a PPC campaign is that PPC can offer instant results. You can start seeing clicks as soon as your ads are running.


Overall PPC can provide your business fast leads while cutting the costs. If you need help with your PPC account, feel free to reach out to us.

SEO can be a difficult and time consuming process, but your job can get a bit easier with these helpful SEO tips.

SEO Tip #1: Keyword Research

An important step in the SEO process is keyword research. This can be a tricky task since you need to find keywords that are used frequently by individuals on search engines and that have somewhat low competition. One tool that you can use is Google’s Keyword Planner. It can provide a helpful list of words or phrases related to your keyword idea. Once you decide on a keyword, you can use your primary keyword a few times throughout your page’s content and in the title.

keywords for seo tips

SEO Tip #2: Content

For SEO, content is a critical factor. This can include infographics as well as videos. Search engines reward websites that have quality content. Some quality content that you can create is a blog. Blogs are also great for link building, which is important for SEO. In terms of specific content on your website, make sure to use title and ALT attributes when building your website. You should also use your primary keywords in the file names when you’re saving your images or media, and include call to actions on your website. One important thing to remember is that you need to create content mainly for people and not search engines. Your main goal should still be to interest people or persuade them to buy your product or service.

happy dance

SEO Tip #3: Mobile and Social Media

Another step for SEO is to make sure your site is mobile friendly. Google likes sites that shrink to the screens of a mobile device. Being on social media can also help with SEO. If you do have a social media account, make sure to link your profiles on your website.

mobile device

SEO Tip #4: Link Building

Link building is also an important aspect for SEO. You can reach out to related businesses to check if they will link to you. This can include the businesses you work with. You can also include your website on local or industry directories. You can also potentially get links by commenting or interacting with other blogs.

seo links

Although SEO may seem like a never ending process, these SEO tips can help you become a pro. For help with SEO, feel free to reach out to us on our SEO page.

Social media branding can be an efficient and a cost effective way to build your brand. There are a few things to consider before plunging into the social media world.

Social Media Branding: Target Audience

The first thing to consider is your target audience. Find out their interests, values, age, and what social media platform they use. This will be useful when deciding what type of content to post after creating your social media page. It’s important to post relevant and valuable information for your audience. Don’t use social media to try to sell something, but think of it as a way to reach out to your audience and start a conversation with them.

social media icons

Social Media Branding: Platforms

A second thing to consider is what platform you’re going to use. It would be wise to stick to a few social media sites so that you can provide frequent content on the platforms that you choose. If your business makes transactions with other businesses, LinkedIn is the best choice for marketing your brand. If you want to build brand awareness, Facebook is the best platform due to its large reach and diverse users. If you frequently rely on pictures and images, Instagram and Pinterest are great choices. Pinterest is also a great platform to reach women. Twitter is also a great platform to have to start a dialog with your audience. There are dozens of other social media sites that you can use depending on your audience, brand, and what you want to accomplish.

social media platforms

Social Media Branding: Content

After deciding what platform you’re going to use, start creating content that viewers would want to share and that they would find interesting or useful. It would be advantageous to use as much visual content as possible. People prefer looking at images than a block of words. It’s also crucial to engage with your audience and other users frequently. Posting something once or twice a week isn’t enough to develop a brand on social media.

social media content

Social Media Branding: Consistency

It’s also important to create a consistent and harmonious brand on all your social media accounts. This can be through your logo, pictures, color palette or tone. Other tips to consider is using an editorial calendar or leveraging influencers. Try to build relationships with influencers by following them and interacting with their content. It’s also important that you pick someone that can represent your brand.

social media branding consistency

Building your brand on social media can take a lot of effort but it can certainly pay off by creating engaging, relevant and consistent content.

To get help on your social media account, feel free to contact us through our social media services page.


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Brands can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate leads for their business.

Reasons to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media lead generation can be cost effective and efficient. In the USthe average CPC of Facebook Ads in 2016 was less than 30 cents. Companies can also have continual interactions with their followers or potential consumers on social media. Social media can also have a huge impact on purchases. For example, according to a poll in 2015, Facebook influenced over 50% of purchases made online as well as offline. Social media also influences a little less than 50% of millennials according to a review in 2016.

Social Media Lead Generation Icons

Social Media Lead Generation Tactics

First, it’s key to pick the right social media channel. There are dozens of social media channels, but not all of them are going to be right for your business or effective.

It’s also important to actively engage with people as often as you post content. You can do so by responding to comments or questions on your social media page.

In order to generate a sizable amount of leads on Facebook and to reach a large audience, you can create paid ads. It would be beneficial to customize your ads to target specific audiences. Through social media ads, you can target individuals based on a variety of factors. For example, Twitter lets you target followers of relevant or related pages to reach people who would be interested in your brand. Twitter also allows you to target individuals based on their interests, behaviors, tweets, geography, and more. Facebook also allows you to target individuals based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, etc.

Providing calls to action on social media posts are also important in order to generate leads. Followers might not know you want them to do something or take action from your social media posts.

It also might be beneficial to check to see what time your audience are most likely to be on social media in order to decide what time to post content or generate ads.

For Facebook, you can also connect with individuals beyond your page by joining groups. This can help you reach people who currently don’t interact with your page, but might be interested in your brand.

Social Media Data for Lead Generation

There are many effective methods you can take to generate leads through social media. If you want help with your social media account, reach out to Fresh Design Studio through our social media page.


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Email Marketing Lead Generation

Direct Mail Lead Generation

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tactic to generate leads. According to the Direct Marketing Association, emails generated a ROI of about 4,300% in 2013. Another benefit of using email marketing is that many individuals use email on a regular basis, and it can be very inexpensive. According to a study, over 90% of adult online users use email and about 60% use it on an everyday basis. According to another study, over 50% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes looking through marketing emails throughout the week. In order to generate leads, there are tactics you can use when developing an email marketing lead generation campaign.


When taking on email marketing lead generation, you need to come up with a list of leads. When deciding who to reach, you need to gather a list of leads who have provided their emails or have engaged with your company in the past. These individuals may have filled out a form on your website or have purchased something from your company. In order to get prospective leads to provide their email, you can offer them an email newsletter that has valuable and relevant content. An effective method is segmenting your email marketing lists. This allows you to send the most relevant content at the best time to the right people. In fact, email list segmentation can increase CTR by 5%.

Email Targeting

Subject Line

The subject line is a very crucial section since it can be the only element that people look at when deciding if they should open the email. In order to nail the subject line, it would be helpful to include a benefit and have it be clear and alluring.

email subject line

Email Content

When creating email content, include a call to action that is concise and clear. This can be in the form of buttons, contact info, a link to your website, etc. Another tip is to utilize pictures and images. Including visuals in your emails can make your content stick out. People prefer look at images than words. You can also increase potential email leads by creating contests or giveaways and including it in the emails.

Email Marketing Content

By developing a plan and a strategy, email marketing can be a valuable and helpful tool to generate leads. For help with your email marketing campaign, feel free to look at our email marketing services page.


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