With the advent of new digital platforms and technologies, it’s necessary for realtors to find out how to generate leads online that convert. Check out these online marketing strategies to earn as many targeted home buyers as possible with your outstanding digital presence.

Generate Leads by Social Media

  • Facebook

    Try to post two to three images showing different designs of a room in an apartment and let visitors pick the one they like the most. This not only promotes visitor engagement but also points out potential popular interior designs. Real estate activities around your area are also worth sharing. You can even mention some fun things happening currently and link to web pages of your apartment building that’s located in the neighborhood where those activities took place.

    Facebook for real estate lead generation

  • Twitter

    After closing business with clients, get the clients’ e-mails to find their Twitter accounts and follow them immediately. Then you could go through their follower lists and follow everyone you think would be potential clients. It’s best to view their tweets every day and engage with them as much as possible. The goal is to make friends first and then ask for the business. Try your best to get involved in their lives instead of spamming them your services.  A long-lasting business comes from stable relationship.

    Twitter for real estate lead generation

  • LinkedIn

    There are two different types of pages on LinkedIn for your business: Company Pages and Showcase Pages. The Company Page leads to your real estate website while the Showcase Page leads to specific landing pages like “about” pages or blog pages. You could set up several Showcase Pages to promote your blogs or special offers you want the audience to know.

    LinkedIn for real estate lead generation

Generate Leads by Your Own Website

  • Video

    One picture is worth a thousand words, and one video is worth a thousand pictures. People love visuals, especially in real estate searches. Adding videos to your website is an essential marketing strategy for real estate lead generation. By creating a short film with interior designs and neighborhood views of your apartment buildings, people could get an intuitive sense of living in the apartment. 

  • Social Proof

    Showing reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients on your website is a great idea. Keep everything short and focused, which includes video and copy. You just need them to say why they choose you, what problem you helped them solve, and how satisfied they were with your services. Less is more. Concise is powerful. 

  • App

    Having your own branded app is definitely a plus for your website. Once people download your app, you can send them automated notifications for new listings, price reductions, and open house information. Since the message shows up in their notification area, the chances they see it are much higher than with email marketing.

website for real estate lead generation

It’s time to generate more leads for your real estate brand. Let Fresh Design Studio help you out!


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PPC Lead Generation Done Right

A lead generation campaign can be to time-consuming and difficult, but it can get easier after coming up with a plan.

What is a Lead?

A lead is a potential customer who is qualified and shows some interest in purchasing a certain product or service. A lead can be generated if one fills out a form or provides his or her email.


How to Get Leads

One thing you can do before finding potential leads is to figure out the number of leads you need to get in order to reach your sales goal.

The most important step in the lead generation process is finding out where your target market is located or where they are on the web. Start by attracting leads to your website. This can be done by creating interesting content that can be shared on your social media accounts. Once a lead provides his or her email and is on your email list, you need to retain their interest so that they move through the sales funnel.

In order to get their email address, you can provide incentives. Incentives are benefits your website visitors get if they provide their personal info. This can include discounts, product add-ons, free or expedited delivery.

lead generation process

Other Steps in the Lead Generation Process

You also need to make sure that there is a call to action on your landing page or somewhere else on your website. A call-to-action is a piece of content such as a button or message that is meant to encourage a visitor to perform a specific act. 

Not all the leads that are gathered are qualified as someone who intends to purchase something. There should be some sort of process in place to determine if the lead is ready to purchase your product or service or if the individual needs further encouragement.

lead sending

 After they sign up for or buy your product or service, you still need to retain their interest so that they come back. You can do so by sending them relevant and engaging content.

For help with your lead generation campaign, feel free to reach out to us on our website.


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Millennials dominate social media and with their knowledge and enthusiasm of pop culture, brands are referencing pop culture to stay in the conversation. When a brand utilizes pop culture, it can go disastrous or it can be original and ingenious. Here are some examples in which brands have succeeded or failed at utilizing pop culture on social media.

Successful Pop Culture References on Social Media

Brands can effectively utilize pop culture by getting the timing right and by finding relevancy between their brand and the current event or media. One such example is Arby’s who used the Daily Show to alter their image. Arby’s was the butt of the joke on the Daily Show for years and when Jon Stewart announced he was leaving, Arby’s decided to respond by sending him a tweet with an Arby’s job application.

Arby's Social Media Post

They also sponsored Jon’s Stewart’s last episode and sent him a humorous farewell. Arby’s choose to respond by embracing his jabs and even throwing some his way. As a result, Arby’s was able to get to and connect with the Daily Show’s young audience.

Successful movies and television shows can also create high engagement on social media. One such case was Back to the Future on October 21, 2015. As fans of the film flocked to social media, Oreo and Pepsi both paid homage to the movie by incorporating a hover board in their posts on October 21st. Pepsi even created limited edition Back to the Future Pepsi bottles. These brands capitalized on the film’s large and passionate fan base and garnered positive reactions.


Social Media Pepsi Hooverboard

Unsuccessful Pop Culture References on Social Media

Referencing pop culture on social media can be clever and original but it can also go terribly wrong. It’s important to take into account who your audience is, your brand image, and the event or media before referencing pop culture. It’s also important to remain authentic and genuine. One brand that didn’t follow suit was Cheerios. As brands paid tribute to Prince last year, Cheerios tweeted out a pic stating “Rest in Peace” with their logo prominently shown. This was viewed negatively and Cheerios quickly removed the tweet. On a sensitive and emotional topic, the tweet resembled an ad than a tribute to the late singer.

Referencing popular events, people, or media in a negative way can also do harm to a brand. One example is Pepsi’s Swedish Branch who posted pictures of a voodoo doll of Cristiano Ronaldo in various harmful situations on their Facebook page before a soccer match between Sweden and Portugal in 2013. Pepsi received lots of backlash in Portugal and had to delete the ads.

Pepsi's Social Media Post of Ronaldo

It can certainty pay off to leverage pop culture on social media, but brands that do succeed in referencing  pop culture find relevancy between their brand and the current event or media and by remaining authentic.

PPC Millennials lead generation is getting increasingly promising for advertising since Millennials have increasing use of digital technologies and online communication. Here are several sweet tips to generate leads from Millennials by PPC.

PPC Millennials lead generation by Geo-targeting advertisements

One in five millennials is no longer using a desktop to go online, relying on a mobile phone or tablet instead. What’s the significant difference between those two? Obviously, a mobile phone is more portable. People could bring it with them wherever they go and check it whenever they want. That’s to say, a mobile phone could help us identify visitors’ locations when they search us and group them accordingly. So why not create mobile-specific ad groups to use Geo-targeting for our PPC millennials lead generation campaigns? It would bring our online advertisements to right visitors according to their locations and improve the CTR for sure. For example, we are running luggage transport business at international airports in major cities. We would target our online advertisements on people searching luggage transport service on mobile phones around those airports. That’s a perfect match for both parties.
Geo-targeting advertisements for ppc millennials lead generation

Offer something meets Millennials’ values and needs

Millennials are no longer like their baby boomer parents. They have their own values and perspectives towards the world. PPC millennials lead generation needs brand new strategies to reach millennials. We could start from the landing page, a place millennial visitors leave their personal information to gain free offers from us. What we offer here should reflect what they care the most: let’s say the difficulty in job searching. Following the example above, as a business owner providing luggage transport service, we could offer visitors a guide on how to control the luggage weight by saying, “Our new millennial employees this year come up with some fantastic ideas to help your luggage lose weight!” Millennials would treat your company not only helpful but also employment-friendly, therefore more easily to get interested in your business.
understand millennials' values and perspectives towards the world in order to do ppc millennials lead generation

Going social and getting connected with millennials

Social media is a close friend of millennials. Over 60% of millennials stay up to date on brands through social media platforms. More than half of millennials report social reviews posted online to influence their purchase decisions. Social media help you keep in touch with millennials, so definitely add all your social accounts on the thank-you page of PPC millennials lead generation. Managing those accounts are even more important. Creating customer loyalty programs or inclusive communities based on brand could be a possible winning strategy. Millennials feel connected to each other besides the brand are more likely to develop close relationships with the brand, so you are more likely to turn leads into real customers.
social media is important for ppc millennials lead generation

Do you want to know more about PPC millennials lead generation? Fresh Design Studio is always here waiting for you!


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Real estate is always a hot topic in Chicago since we have so many skyscrapers here! A lot of high-rises under construction are also waiting for joining this big skyscraper family. Although the construction is still on the way, online marketing has already started off.  Let’s have a look at the online performance of several high-rises to be.

Vista Tower

real estate Vista Tower

Height: 1,186 feet

Type: luxury hotel/condo tower

Estimated completion: 2020


There are navigation buttons that guide visitors to apartment details they want to find, making information search easy and outcomes accurate. This would enhance the user experience. The short films, simulated 360 views, and online map of local amenities engage visitors on the website. This would increase the time visitors spend on the website and the possibility they sign up to be a lead. Downloadable free Vista Tower magazines offer an additional way to communicate with the audience.

Section Mint Score:

– Social

Facebook: 580+ followers, 580+ Likes, and a 5-star rating from 4 reviews. Performance is not bad, but the Facebook icon on the website is broken, which would result in traffic loss. 

Twitteronly 1 tweet so far, and the Twitter icon is not on the website, but already gained 40+ followers. The Twitter account has potential to drive traffic.

Instagram: 400+ followers. Exquisite pictures show the luxury of Vista Tower. 

Section Mint Score: 

Average Mint Score: mint


One Grant Park

real estate One Grant Park

Height: 892 feet

Type: rental tower

Estimated completion: 2019


This high-rise does not have its own website. Only a single page on its developer’s website is available. The developer’s website could not drive much traffic to One Grant Park page since too many other pages are competing for the traffic.

Section Mint Score: 

– Social

Facebook: the account has been set up but no content yet.

Twitter: no account yet.

Instagram: most pictures are about construction sites, which could hardly interest the audience.

Section Mint Score: 

Average Mint Score: mint


One Bennett Park

real estate One Bennett Park

Height: 843 feet

Type: rental/condo tower

Estimated completion: 2019


The website is concise and clear but has no media to interact with visitors. Visitors would get the information needed quickly but could hardly find the content engaging. The website theme color is elegant but it lacks liveliness. Visitors may get bored and exit the site quickly.

Section Mint Score: 

– Social

Facebook: 350+ followers, 340+ Likes, and a 5-star rating from 3 reviews. Posts update one time every other week or two times a week.

Twitter: 9 followers, one tweet every other week or many tweets per week.  Post update frequency needs to be smoother to keep a long-term social media activeness.

Instagram: 90+ followers, one post per week or every other week. Images are quite important for real estate advertising, so we need more posts every week.

Section Mint Score: 

Average Mint Score: 


Essex on the Park

real estate Essex on the Park

Height: 600+ feet

Type: rental tower

Estimated completion: 2019


The website is a single page with just a lead generation form. Although it’s straightforward, visitors would not have enough interest to become a lead without further information or introduction of the high-rise on the website.

Section Mint Score: 

– Social

No social media account yet.

Section Mint Score: 

Average Mint Score: mint


Optima Signature

real estate Optima Signature

Height: 587 feet

Type: rental/condo tower

Estimated completion: 2017


All sections are listed on a single page so there is no need to switch back and forth from pages. This saves visitors’ time and prevents them from bouncing due to a long waiting time. CTAs are on the top of the webpage, increasing the lead generation conversion rate. However, the theme color is too simple to show the luxury of the building, which could be a miscommunication to the audience.

Section Mint Score: 

– Social

Facebook: 420+ followers, 410+ Likes, and a 5-star rating from 8 reviews. Posts enriching residence life boost the visitor engagement.

Twitter: 80+ followers, three to four tweets a week.

Instagram: 80+ followers so far. Amenities and city views of this high-rise are good content to attract visitors’ attention.

Section Mint Score: 

Average Mint Score: mint


Of course, all above are just my personal opinions. Feel free to agree or disagree with me, and I’m happy to hear what you think of them. If you want a refresh for your real estate brand, Fresh Design Studio has the customized service just for you!










We know there are tons of guidelines, resources, tutorials when it comes to social media marketing. You might have already read a couple of this week. Here, we want to give you a bite-size tip on social media marketing. So you can be a smarter social media marketer in 3 minutes. Now, let’s talk shop!


Start with a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social Media Marketing Editorial Calendar

Social Media Marketing Editorial Calendar

Use google spreadsheet, or excel, or any software make sense to you, but you need a calendar that marks the theme of each month or week. The calendar should include what you are going to post weeks in advance. The biggest problem in social media marketing is consistency.  A social media editorial calendar is a great commitment device, which holds you and your marketers responsible day after day.


Tell a story and get personal

Social Media get personal

Social Media get personal

People are interested in people, not stuff. Think of your social media marketing is a TV series. You will need a main plot that gets user hook for the entire season. This plot is your strategy. For each episode, you will still want to spark an emotional connection with your audience. Now, take a look at your own social media strategy and ask yourself. Would you want to watch the show?



Collaborate with your audience

Social Media Marketing needs teamwork

Social Media Marketing needs teamwork

There are two things that can bring people together quicker than food. They are collaboration and a common goal.   You should set a common goal such as a charitable cause, or a new technology launch. Then you find ways to collaborate with your audience to achieve it together. Don’t just give out freebies to buy engagements; they won’t last.


Need help to freshen up your social media marketing? Let’s go!


Right! We can generate B2B leads from PPC, but the problem always bothers us is ROI. Different from B2C business, B2B always cost more due to bigger campaign scale. How to increase the ROI is remarkable in PPC B2B lead generation. Think about it in two ways: increase the return and reduce the useless investment.

Increase the return by effective landing pages

Different from the B2C lead generation that you offer cost-based items like “save 30% at the first night in our hotel”, you are supposed to provide case-by-case offers depending on the target audience for B2B lead generation. Let’s say you are targeting at real estate companies. To get a deep insight of this industry, you could choose several dominating companies and start researching for them on varieties of social media platforms. You would find out their business styles from home page background design, catch what they are interested in from accounts they follow, and realize their likely demands from recent feeds…Based on that info, you could generate relevant offers that show what they care or provide what they want.

social media helps with ppc b2b lead generation

Reduce ineffective investment by filter ad copies

Each click on your AdWords costs money! Try to make every click as effective as possible instead of solely increasing CTR without any focus. You should write advertising copy that could block out unqualified visitors as a filter, so the actual traffic earned would be a lot more relevant to your business.

How to build this filter advertising copy? You could reflect the business size of your target audience, like using “Enterprise Class Consulting” in the description, so small businesses would not click in since they know they would not get the right service from you. Stating the industry you are working in is another idea. Your advertising copy could read “Consulting in Company Tax Returns.” You could even add pricing to the advertising copy such as “Plan Starting at $699/month”. I know it’s sometimes awkward to talk about money, but it’s a straightforward way to weed out candidate without enough budget, saving time for both parties.

block out irrelevant traffic for ppc b2b lead generation

PPC B2B lead generation is just a start, satisfying clients’ needs is always the priority, no matter for your word of mouth or long-term return. See some awesome B2B works from our Fresh Design Studio to inspire you for a better business!


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Is PPC only for e-commerce? Absolutely not! It could attract visitors and turn them into leads, which is called PPC lead generation. You just need advertisement copy, a landing page, and a thank you page.

Advertisement copy kicks off PPC lead generation

PPC lead generation starts with advertisement copy. Identifying the most focused and relevant keywords to use is the priority to gain the right visitors. It’s a good idea to consider long-tail keywords. One tool you can use for keyword research is Übersuggest. “Call-to-action” is another major factor for advertisement copy. Instead of choosing pushy phrases like “Buy now” or “20% off today only” to link visitors directly to shopping pages, it’s smart to build up a relationship with them first. Using “Contact us” or “Get free guide” as Call To Actions, can open a door to all potential customers and give both parties a chance to know each other more. Less pressure and more opportunities. How wonderful!

Here is how an advertisement copy may look like:

advertisement copy example for ppc lead generation

Landing Page turns visitors into leads

After clicking on the advertisement, visitors would come to a landing page. Yes, it is landing page instead of home page, because we want some personal information from them: email, name, cell, etc. Contact info is very valuable info to expand business opportunities. How do you make them willing to give you their private information? Offer something as an exchange! White papers, eBooks, customer guide…anything that can add value to visitors would work. The more valuable the offer, the more information you can ask for, just like a trade-off.

Check out this landing page sample, simple but clear :

landing page example for ppc lead generation

The landing page should have a clear pattern with little distraction, so it emphasizes offers and benefits. Do you want to show the website’s navigation menu to promote your business? No worries! Here comes your chance: Thank-you page.

Thank you page is a perfect place to talk about your business to leads

You can add not only navigation menus, but also customer testimonials, slideshows, or trust seals. Whatever supports your advertising claim and is related to the offer provided would be a good choice here. Since you have already collected visitors’ information and turned them into leads, there is no worry on visitors getting distracted by other contents on the site. You could even add social media buttons for them to connect with you. Of course, don’t forget to provide the offer on this page. That’s the base of everything.

See what you can do on the Thank you page below:

Thank you page example for ppc lead generation

There you go! Getting lead contacts for further follow-up is as simple as that! Now it’s time to dig business value from them. Have fun 🙂 Wanna know more about PPC lead generation on Millennials? Stay tuned for our next blog coming soon. Click here to check out our previous blogs about Millennials while the new blog is on the way.

There IS such thing as the (statistically) best online profile picture! According to eHarmony and match.com data, here is what an ideal online profile picture should look like for men in 2016.

    + 50%

    Do you have pictures from your last time rock climbing trip, or playing guitar on an open mic? It’s time to put them to good use. A picture of an active YOU is proven to increase response rate by 50% because people are interested in interesting people.full-body-online-dating-website-300x225_copy_360

    What does that mean in design?

    When creating a web page or any advertisement, you need to consider the BIG IDEA first. Is it engaging to my audience?  The idea should communicate a positive and an inviting emotion to inspire viewers to act.

    + 35%

    Skip the selfies, data shows you can get a higher response rate if your friends are included in the pictures. Researchers show having a group picture with  friends can build up your social capital.pictures_of_you_with_friends_360

    What does that mean in design?

    In digital marketing, we can’t just share pictures of our best friends, but we can share testimonials from previous customers. Genuine testimonials build trust quicker than any witty slogans because they are acting as a social proof for your brand.


    A full-length picture of you can send a positive signal to your potential matches; letting them know you are authentic and confident. That’s it. That wasn’t so hard right guys?picture_of_you_in_full-length_360

    What does that mean in design?

    Shoppers appreciate authenticity and transparency of your brand. Just like a full-length picture, share behind-the-scene information in your social media, and don’t be shy to give customers a sense of who you are on the about us page.


    This one is tricky, research shows that men looking away from the camera and don’t display a smile get more response. This look is perceived as confident and pride, which is an attractive trait for many.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

    What does that mean in design?

    As a brand, you can’t just “look away”. However, what this tells us is confidence is coming from within (aka, the brand value), and not any fancy graphics. Don’t be afraid to let the consumers know when you are not a good fit for them. This not only signals you are authentic and not willing to compromise the brand principle just to make a sale.

  • so_what_360

    So What?

    So if someone is taking a picture of you playing guitar on the edge of a cliff while 3 of your friends are standing next to you and one of the “wild-side” you suddenly decided do show off your cliff diving skill, you better make sure you look away from the camera!


tinder website design.gif
Now that you have learned something about online dating profile picture and web design.
What will you do next?

If you ever tried to select a shared hosting providers , you will know it is almost impossible to know which one is right for you.  In this post, we want to look at 3 of the most important things when it comes to hosting, uptime, customer service response time, and cost.  I am writing solely based on our experience working with some of the most popular hosting companies on the internet for the past 5 years.

Since Fresh Design Studio also offers managed hosting packages for our clients, I won’t make any comparison between packages and others. I don’t think that’s fair coming from me. You learn about Fresh Hosting Package here

Assemble the tributes:





  • Bluehost 95%
  • Hostgator 98%


Anywhere you look, these hosting providers will claim a 99% uptime. While in reality is not that far off, but it is almost never 99% uptime.  In our agency we use uptime monitor tool to track all our websites uptime, it alerts our team if there is any website downtime. The chart you see above is a collection of data from the past 12 months. Obviously, it’s a small sample, but we certainly had the most trouble with Site5 here.


Customer support live chat wait time

  • Bluehost: 15 Minutes
  • Hostgator: 12 Minutes
  • GoDaddy: 24 Minutes
  • Site5: 55 Minutes
  • SiteGround: 6 Minutes

When your website is down, you need a quick response from your host provider. Ideally, we want to track the effectiveness of each hosting tech resolving the same problems. Too bad for you, we don’t have that data. The next closest thing we have is how quickly you can expect to chat with someone in technical support about your problem. Not sales people, but someone from server tech.

In this round Site5 again lagged behind by a wide margin, while Siteground continues the lead.


  • Bluehost: $3.45/mo
  • HostGator: $5.59/mo
  • GoDaddy: $5.59/mo
  • Site5: $4.95/mo
  • SiteGround: $3.95/mo

These discount hosting providers usually won’t break your bank. However, as you scale up things will get expensive very quickly. We are comparing the most basic plan, that is the cheapest shared hosting packages these companies offer. Bluehost does seem to have the lowest price. However, look out for catches. Bluehost low price has an expiration date. Also, SiteGround most basic package has greatly limited storage (10GB) and can only support one website. I will call this round even between Bluehost and SiteGround.


Keep in mind, the hosting experience is not consistent even with the same hosting providers. Here at Fresh Design Studio, we have built and launched over 200 websites in the past 5 years. The goods, the bads, and the terribles we have seen them all in hosting providers.