You may think the lower your bounce rate is, the better your website is doing.

This is NOT true.

According to our best friend, Hubspot, “your website’s bounce rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of people who land on one of your web pages and then leave without clicking to anywhere else on your website.” — in other words, they came, they puked, they left.

The general way of thinking is that if visitors bounce, it suggests they either didn’t find what they were looking for, or the page wasn’t user-friendly. Sure, we all want our visitors to hang out on the website as long as possible, but an extremely low bounce rate indicates that either your Google Analytics installation is broken, or you are not attracting new visitors.

As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 30 to 40 percent is excellent, 41 to 55 percent is roughly average, 56 to 70 is a most likely too high but may not keep you up at night. Anything over 70 percent is disappointing and it should be an alert.

There is no such thing like a perfect bounce rate, but benchmarks are helpful, perhaps even vital. Benchmarks are different for each type of websites as well, because we do not want our visitors to do the exact same thing on each page.

For content websites, a bounce rate from 40 to 60 percent is right around average, 30 to 50 percent is typical for a good lead generation page. Blogs are likely to have a higher bounce rate in the ranges of 70 to 90 percent; a much more valuable benchmark would be duration on the page.

Great news is QuickSprout has created a great infographic that helps explain benchmark industry averages for bounce rate. Check out how your site stacks up with the benchmarks below, or click on the graph for more useful tools that QuickSprout has offered.

So how’s your website doing? Are you doing better than your peers? That’s awesome! Not that good? It’s okay. We got you!

3 quick steps to reduce your website bounce rate:

    1. Attract the right visitors
      • Be clear about your intentions at different steps in buyer’s journey
      • Use the right keywords to match your content
      • Create landing pages with unique content and keywords
    2. Speed up page load time
      • Use little or no self-loading multimedia content
      • Set external links to open in new browser windows/tabs
    3. Enhance user experience
      • Make your messages clear and defined with the right headers, sub-headers and content
      • Use well-organized, responsive layouts to make your content digestible
      • Include a clear call-to-action and obvious next step instruction
      • Provide responsive links to relevant content on your website



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Before you start reading this post, you will have to excuse my over-generalization of millennials and their generation and oversimplification of American politics. So if you are reading this for political science or social science, maybe you should skip this one.

It is no secret that the majority of Millennials are feeling the Bern! In Iowa Bernie Sanders carried 84% of the vote for 17 to 29 age group and 83% of the vote in New Hampshire in the same age group. It is hard to ignore that the majority of Millennials in this nation are currently siding with Bernie Sanders over other presidential candidates. Not many of us saw this coming, maybe not even Bernie himself.  Here are the top 3 reasons, I think why millennials are supporting Bernie Sanders.

1.The Right Timing for Millennials

Milleniual bernie sanders basketball

Millennial Bernie Sanders basketball

The Millennial generation is the most educated generation in American history.  They entered the workforce during the housing bubble, and witnessed millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes, while corporations were getting bail-out money and CEO’s received millions in bonuses. With student loans averaging $30,000 and low paying entry-level jobs, they are not satisfied with how the government is dealing with increasing wealth gap.

If Bernie would have came at a time when the income inequality was less severe, he might not have be as loved by his young supporters. Yes, he might be a democratic socialist, but maybe he is just what we need right now. At least that’s what millennials are thinking.

2. Millennials Love The Authenticity

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders Authenticity

Bernie sanders Authenticity

This is the digital age and millennials who live and have grown up in the U.S. have seen more ads compared to  when their parents were growing up. They have developed a pair of skeptical lenses when it came to advertising and political propaganda.

You can compare Bernie to any candidates, he is as authentic as a politician can get. From the way he dresses to the way he talks, Bernie doesn’t pretend to be someone else to please the crowd. Millennials love that about Bernie.

Bernie Sanders authenticity

Bernie Sanders authenticity

3. The Values not the Perks are what is Important to Millennials 

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders value

Bernie Sanders value

Despite growing up in economic downturn, most millennials display optimism for their future. More importantly, they not only believe they themselves will have a better future, but everyone else in the country will share in a better future.

Bernie Sanders might be an idealist for some people, but from the perspective of millennials’ he is a visionary. He doesn’t promise perks and tax cuts, but he stays true to giving this country a better future.

Whether you agree or disagree with Bernie’s idea, it’s hard to deny the millennial monument behind this candidate.  

The most important things of all, if you are feeling the Bern get out and vote and even if you are not get out and vote! It is your right! 

 Building your own brand

Many would like to think real estate deals are just about the numbers and “cold” facts.  This can’t be further from the truth. For many, real estate investment is as emotional as it’s logical. You should find a way to differentiate yourself from all other developers, agents, or firms out there. Stop trying to please everyone. Your brand persona should be engaging and consistent with your way of work.  Are you the tech-oriented developers that attract millennial investors or you are the wholesome family agent who always look out for family buyers? Find your inner child and make it fun.


Work on your business

If you don’t have a dedicated team of marketers, you might get lost into the day to day operation.  That means your marketing might suffers so will your sales. You can setup up at least half a day per week, where you just work on your marketing and lead generation.  You can spend half of that time looking through current lead generation channels, and the other half goes to developing lead generation new channels. Are you posting on enough places or are the listing attractive enough? Do you have a blog that help you rank high on the SEO?  There is always something new to grow your business.


Go digital or go home

This should almost be a requirement. Digital marketing should be the center of your real estate marketing. Word of mouth could get you started, but digital marketing is much more scalable.  Are you tapping into social media got a youtube channels? With digital marketing, you can shift your priority from reach to effectiveness. Don’t know what to do for digital? Just google your competitors, you will see where your local competitors are heading.


Aim aim and aim again, then fire

With today’s technology, it’s almost too easy to reach any target market if you have the right profile. The difficulty step choosing the right target market. If your resource is limited, you should choose the segment that has the highest chance of purchasing from you. Also think about who are the people your competitors are not targeting. It’s much easier to swim in a blue ocean.


Invest back into the business

To continually grow a business, it needs constant refresh and innovation. To get to the next level for your real estate company, you should look for professionals who are specialized in real estate marketing. When hiring a real estate marketing firm, make sure you consider the following

  1. Are they familiar with the real estate market?
  2. Do they have the talents to support my marketing continuously
  3. Do they have quick response time and quality work to meet my standard?
  4. Is their pricing clear and reasonable?
  5. Are they currently helping my direct competitors?



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Chicago Web Design

Chicago Web Design

Everyone has a website, literally. Some websites get to attract and engage returning guests,Chicago Website Design while some rely on new visitors and random search from search engines. Therefore, many wonder how to keep your websites, as well as your impressions, fresh and engaging. Websites perform as informational centers on your behalf and act as your brands.

If you are not sure about your website, you can find out daily visits and clicks per visitor, which too indicates how popular and engaging your website is. Inactive statistics imply your website is out of date where visitors don’t find any relevant information.

Don’t you worry. We got your back. Here are five tips for you to refresh your business websites.

1. Make Your Website Homepage Interactive

Home Pages are where websites first impress viewers. Outdated websites display buttons and menus for viewers to click. It’s good to give freedom to choose. But they can also choose not to click anything as well.

On the other hand, inserting interactive elements, such as animation, picture galleries, introduction videos, and live social media updates, is an invitation and encouragement to click and continue to browse the site, which enhances user experiences and increases engagement during the visit.

2. Web Design a Consistent Style

Diversity in styles could cost you credibility and cause distraction. Consistency in styles makes websites easier to navigate and helps viewers learn locations of information. Easy navigation also indicates better accessibility of the website as well.

Consistent styles include every little detail on your website, colors, themes, fonts in size, styles and space used, photo size and location, and video quality and length, etc.

3. Update Website Content

The amount of information has increased dramatically due to the increase of websites, blogs and social media. All information is accessible through search engines. So incredible!  But as you have used Google, some results are at the very last page where most of us will not spend the time to go through.

Constantly updating your content to the current trend is crucial. Be relevant to the current news and heated hash tags from Twitter and Facebook. Find a way to relate everyone to your business.

4. Link Website Viewers to Resources

Be thoughtful, helpful and nice. Provide links of related resources that your viewers may be looking for. Why do people Google? It is because they know that Google knows everything and can give them the right directions. Therefore, be the head of resources in your field and link them to websites, tutorials, or even PDF documents.

5. Don’t Forget the Contact Info

Make sure you create a contact page, where viewers can learn about your locations, phone numbers, emails, fax or even social media handles. It increases your credibility, and promotes the accessibility for your services; hence, contact information does encourage interested viewers to reach out to you then you get to learn what their needs are and help them out.

If you have any questions about websites design and engagement, just give us a call at 312-880-9337. We’d love to talk to you.

The world of web design brings a lot of exciting possibilities for those who want to try something new when it comes to employment. For many, web design holds to key to a higher salary, steadier work, a better work environment, and greater chance of employment, whether or not you have a college degree. Here, we will take a quick look at the current state of website design in Chicago. We will also make a few predictions about the future of Chicago website design.

A Web of Possibilities

Employment in Chicago web design can offer fabulous potential jobs working in many different segments of the city. Everyone from the Chicago government to nonprofits to religious organizations need website design to help them reach a wider audience or to help those in need their help. Chicago web design knows no bounds when it comes to what industries and or institutions and organizations need help to improve their website. In many cases, you can decide who you work for, what parts of their website you help them to improve, and more.

Chicago Web Design Jobs

Chicago website design is an exciting opportunity for so many because of the large number of jobs available in the area. As mentioned above, many different clients need help with Chicago web design. If you have the skills to do quality work in website design, you may not even need a bachelor’s degree in a computer related field. These jobs pay well, offer great quality of life to those who work as webpage designer, and are predicted to only grow when it comes to demand for Chicago website design in the future.

Chicago Web Design Is Providing People What They Need Online

One of the neatest parts of working in website design is that your work can really help others. From your clients to those using the webpage on a daily basis, you might just be surprised at how much you are helping others to buy important goods and services, learn more information about the world around them, or even do their work more efficiently. If you are ready to find a great job in the Chicago area, work in a field you are passionate about, and truly help others, Chicago web design is the career path for you. Get started today!

Technology is changing continuously especially in web design sector. Every year new trends are coming in this field, and they are offering exciting changes in web design technology. Here you will get details on some brilliant changes of web design trends in 2014. I am sure; you will get that how many trends are changed till now and what you can see in upcoming days. So, read bellow the expected web design trends in 2014:

Non-boring typography (bevisionare)


1. Non-boring Typography

 In 2014, you can expect to have a non-boring typography because expert designers are trying to bring out some interesting ways of type. In this area, you can expect to have a new trend called “fonts with personality.” These fonts will feel like you have never seen before. The experimenters are trying to introduce some new font designs in the new way.


Capture - Flat Design (Fit in Stand out)

2. Flat Design

It was expected in the last year that Apple will bring some significant changes in its cell phone models and designs. But in 2014 apple has developed iOS version and brought sparkling iOS7 with aesthetic design. Almost people in the world call it the flat design. It is called the most improved handset version of iPhone and now available in the market for purchase.

3. Large Hero Areas Quickly Killing Sliders

Capture - Large Hero (baystreetbiergarten)

You can consider it as the number 1 trend in web design in 2014. These days every website is using the large hero areas, in which they mainly show useful images or company name in sparkling fonts. More and more websites are adopting this trend and trying to improve their impact on their visitors. In every real estate business website, you will see it with charming images of properties.


4. Manipulated Imagery

Capture-Exposure (Manipulated imagery)In 2014, you will get useful tools to manipulate images. I mean to say you will be able to edit images according to your needs. It is expected to get images as overlays, indistinct images, which will come with filters. This year is going to be an incredible year in which plenty of significant trends will be seen in web design. Image manipulation is one of them.


5. Simple Color Schemes

Capture Simple color (fds)It is well known fact that colors play a vital role in making a website attractive, but in 2014 trends are changing. You are going to see many simple websites on the internet. Off course, those websites will come with excellent graphic quality, but they will use only one or two colors. The designers may choose only one color as the main color and one for the hue. You may see some famous color combinations in websites like black and white and blue with black.



All these trends are expected to see in year 2014. Well, you can also check the changes arrived in web design sector till now and which are about to come. For sure these trends will be amazing in web designing field and make some significant changes. For sure you are going to experience many better things in 2014.

Statistics show that viewers only spend an average of 10 seconds on each website, trying to relate to your value proposition. In other words, you and your website only have 10 seconds to grasp viewers who happen to visit your site or may have been interested in your business.

iOS 7 icon design comparisonEven Apple launched the iOS 7, a much cleaner look. All icons and their colors have been simplified. Overall, icons now have a broader radius. Colors are used to distinguish instead of decorating. Looking at the Reminder and Passbook icons, different colors indicate different items. Compared with the old Mail and Phone icons, designers took away the envelop and phone shadow and put in the gradient background on the new versions.

Simplification is what many look for nowadays. Simple designs, short descriptions and easy navigation are the top three criteria our clients ask for.

However, simple design is not as simple or easy as it sounds because it could involve a lot of break-through and creative brainstorming. Creativity could be a risk. Trends come from renovation and recombination of existing elements. Designers try really hard to find the right balance with the new and old in order to present a refreshing look.

A website takes a designer and programmer. It’s like a good book takes a writer and an editor. Here’s a list of 20 elements programmers ensure to incorporate with websites for the best appearance and SEO ranking. Not yet to mention, SEO with background coding and tagging is what gets you visitors and clicks. Good design is what it takes to keep viewers wondering and coming back to you. Take the following list as a checklist for your current website. It’s time for some once-in-a-while maintenance.

  1. Responsive Layouts: Check your website on all devices and different browsers.
  2. Retina Support: Does your website look HD on a bigger screen? or pixelated?
  3. Fixed Header Bars: When you scroll down, does the header bar stay?
  4. Large Photo Backgrounds: What is your background now? Plain?
  5. CSS Transparency: It’s definitely classier when you click a page that is semi-opaque on top of your background. Does yours look that way?
  6. Minimalist Landing Pages: So how many tabs are there on your menu or header bar? I hope it’s not tens of them.
  7. Digital QR Codes: On your Contact or About page, is there a QR code? It’s very cool looking!
  8. Social Media Badges: This is your identity and character on the net! So get yourself signed up now. It’s never too late.
  9. Detailed Illustrations: Don’t use the same picture over and over. It’s not cool and will NOT work.
  10. Infinite Scrolling: So… How long does it take for you to scroll down to the bottom?
  11. Homepage Feature Tours: How do you show your visitors around the website? Or you just expect them to click around?
  12. Sliding Webpage Panels: Do they slide? It’s usually a gallery.
  13. Mobile Navigation Toggle: Do they work on your smartphones? Do they look at least functional? If not, umm, you need to update!
  14. Full-screen Typography: when you have a full screen of typography, it pops to viewers. It better pops rather than having them fish around for information.
  15. API and Open Source: Simply asked, what system your website operates or runs on? What if you want to insert some cool features by plug-ins?
  16. Deep Box Shadows: How do the graphics look on your website?
  17. Vertical Navigation: This is a part of easy navigation many look for. Vertical navigations is much easier for viewers to switch from pages, and, of course, generates some more clicks.
  18. Circular Design Elements: Do they look circular?

Seriously, a new year, a new look! Time to refresh! Let’s talk




Since the internet has been introduced, there are many amazing changes has been seen in web design trends. That chain is still on and just like 2013 you are going to see new trends of web design in 2014 also. These trends will make websites much better and useful to gain better response from visitors. Check bellow that which new trends you can see in 2014. Maybe some of them have occurred, but you have never considered them.

1. Crazy, Sexy, Cool Stuff 

What do you think about running an entirely animated by using parallax scrolling technique? I know this will be a different, but great experience for you. You may see few websites on the internet that will come with fully animated graphics and newer features as parallax scrolling. It is a great concept which will add a new trend in web designing field. This method is cool and amazing. I have seen a website based on Highway-One-Roadtrip. It is prepared by using crazy, sexy, cool stuff, but the main attraction of this site is, its parallax scrolling technique.

2. Long Scrolling Sites

People, who are frustrated of changing website’s pages, they are now going to see long scrolling websites again. Before few years, long scrolling sites were in trend, but these sites were replaced by new short page websites. By the way in 2014 you are going to have some long scrolling sites with much better content format and user-friendly representation of data.

I have seen many long scrolling sites in last few months, and I realized that the trend is significantly changing in web design. These websites are quite different from their old version because they are coming with new layouts and perfect graphical representation.

3. Videos In Place of Text 

Capture - Video replace text( to the expected trend in web design, you will see many websites with videos or flash on place of content. Hence many people prefer watching videos about their seeking things instead of reading content. You will get many websites with videos. Whatever you will like to know in that website, they will acknowledge you through the videos. You can also see websites with videos and text. It will be on your choice that which kind of way you prefer to know. This change in the web design trend will reduce complexity of learning and understanding new things.


Among all these three likely trends of 2014, I have as the parallax scrolling website too much. I have seen the tobi’s story site and realized that how creative it is. This website opens features with the help of animations. It is quite easy to operate and use. With the second attempt of long scrolling websites, people are going to enjoy the web surfing with such wonderful trends in web designing. Videos are coming on the place of web contents to reduce people’s web surfing time. You can also see some flash images on place of content as available in wiki answer.

To be continued…We will wrap up more fresh trends coming to next mint!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We’d be more than happy to learn about you and share our stories.

The power of search engines has changed the landscape of the internet forever. Because of it, websites especially those geared for marketing campaigns have based their web designing strategies to keep up with what search engines want. This led to the development of SEO practices, which is now universally used as a means of increasing visibility online through search engines. Today, many SEO experts are finding ways to better improve their optimization techniques and most of them prefer WordPess. Currently, WordPress SEO capabilities are becoming well-known, and many are using it for their online marketing campaigns, but why is it so.

Why is WordPress SEO-friendly?

There are many reasons why SEO experts prefer to use WordPress when creating SEO pages for websites and these are some of those reasons.

The design of WordPress is Prefer for SEO – it is common knowledge to any SEO professional that WordPress can be easily used for SEO strategies. In fact, the whole websites offer a huge amount of customization features that allows users to create a full blast SEO webpage.   In WordPress SEO techniques can be easily implemented because of the level of customization one can do. It is truly an SEO expert’s tool for creating a powerful internet marketing campaign.

WordPress is not only perfect for SEO; it is also free – On the internet, the best things are still free and one of these is WordPress. In internet terms, it is “open source” and because it is free, it is open to further development from users. It constantly evolves at the same time it gains users. In time, the SEO capabilities of WordPress will continue to increase as more and more SEO experts are using this wonderful tool. It is perfect for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to have an online presence, but do not have the money to sustain a full-blast online marketing campaign.

WordPress is easy to use – Though there is a little learning curve when using WordPress, it is still a relatively easy to use platform for SEO. Right off the bat, first time users can easily understand its functions and could relatively manage efficiently a WordPress blog. However, for those that are gearing towards a full SEO campaign, there are functions in WordPress that are easily understandable to professional content managers. WordPress is still one of the best, easy to use, SEO platforms anyone can use online.

Finally, the coup de grace is that Google praises WordPress – if anyone gives the highest praise to the efficiency of WordPress, no one is better than Google itself. In 2009, Google announced that WordPress is the best blogging platform for SEO. This clearly puts WordPress in the lead as a major SEO tool on the internet. If Google likes WordPress, anything coming from WordPress will be acceptable in its search engines. So start using WordPress SEO practices now and reach success in no time.

The internet has become a part of our daily lives.  Our work requires us to constantly check our emails, our news comes from twitter, and we stay in touch with our family and friends through social media sites.  All of this has helped us become more productive and better workers.  There is even significant evidence that surfing the web can increase brain function and help us become better learners.  But, like many other things, overindulgence is harmful.

There have been discussions about internet addiction since the late 90’s, but it has been a very controversial topic among medical professionals until recently.  A recent study in South Korea and China, have linked the obsessive use of the Internet to chemical changes in the brain.  Scans of Internet users’ brains showed an increased amount of “White Matter” in subjects who used the Internet frequently.  Similarly, people who are addicted to heroin, cocaine, and alcohol show the same brain patterns.  This has given Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) credibility in the medical community and sparked the interest of hospitals and addiction centers to start doing more research.

Unfortunately, treating IAD is very difficult.  Unlike many addictions and treatments, you may not be able to cut it cold turkey.  It is such an important part of our daily lives that you may be required to use it for work, school, or millions of other reasons.  This means addicts must learn self-control instead of abstinence, which all addicts know is nearly impossible to do.

We are just now learning about IAD and its dangers.  As the first generation of citizens exposed to the Internet from birth grows older, we will gain more information on this potentially dangerous technology and how we can deal with it.