People love to talk about the millennial generation, especially those not a part of our generation. Honestly, I have no idea why people are so obsessed with our generation and when they start to talk about it. I want to break out singing Mariah Carey’s Obsessed and then walk away.  I cringe every time someone says millennial because I know I’m about to hear some stupid stereotypical comment about how entitled, or self-centered, or lazy, or any of the other generalizations we’ve all heard about our generation. But here are a few surprising facts about our generation to fire back with the next time some millennial obsessed person has something negative to say.


Despite being the most educated generation we’ve found it hard to find jobs.

Our generation is the most educated generation, over 63% of us have a bachelor’s degree but still, only 6 in 10 of us have jobs and half of those are part time jobs. Did I mention, 48% of us who graduated from university are working jobs that don’t require us to have a 4-year degree. It gets better, though, our average income is $39,700.00 which is surprisingly not enough for the 1 Trillion dollars in student loans we’re carrying which is why 63% of us know someone who had to move back to their parents. Who knew feeling entitled to an affordable education and a liveable wage was such a bad thing.


We care…like a lot.

Even though our generation isn’t rolling in dough and we feel stressed balancing our work life and personal life we will find a way to help those less fortunate. 81% of millennials have donated money, goods, or services to a good cause. Some 61% of us are worried about the state of the world and personally feel responsible for helping make a difference, even though, most of us haven’t been around long enough to personally affect the world like say some other generations. But honestly, we’re just super self-centered.


We have a business mindset and we will rule the workforce.

In 2014 we made up about 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025 we will make up nearly 75% of the global workforce; we will be a workforce to be reckoned with. Not only will we be taking over the workforce in the next couple of years but we’ve also started taking business into our own hands. 46% of us want to start a business by 2018, 54% either want to start a business or have already started a business and more than a quarter of us are already self-employed. With 35% starting a business on the side to supplement our income. Talk about one lazy generation.


Brands can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate leads for their business.

Reasons to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

Social media lead generation can be cost effective and efficient. In the USthe average CPC of Facebook Ads in 2016 was less than 30 cents. Companies can also have continual interactions with their followers or potential consumers on social media. Social media can also have a huge impact on purchases. For example, according to a poll in 2015, Facebook influenced over 50% of purchases made online as well as offline. Social media also influences a little less than 50% of millennials according to a review in 2016.

Social Media Lead Generation Icons

Social Media Lead Generation Tactics

First, it’s key to pick the right social media channel. There are dozens of social media channels, but not all of them are going to be right for your business or effective.

It’s also important to actively engage with people as often as you post content. You can do so by responding to comments or questions on your social media page.

In order to generate a sizable amount of leads on Facebook and to reach a large audience, you can create paid ads. It would be beneficial to customize your ads to target specific audiences. Through social media ads, you can target individuals based on a variety of factors. For example, Twitter lets you target followers of relevant or related pages to reach people who would be interested in your brand. Twitter also allows you to target individuals based on their interests, behaviors, tweets, geography, and more. Facebook also allows you to target individuals based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, etc.

Providing calls to action on social media posts are also important in order to generate leads. Followers might not know you want them to do something or take action from your social media posts.

It also might be beneficial to check to see what time your audience are most likely to be on social media in order to decide what time to post content or generate ads.

For Facebook, you can also connect with individuals beyond your page by joining groups. This can help you reach people who currently don’t interact with your page, but might be interested in your brand.

Social Media Data for Lead Generation

There are many effective methods you can take to generate leads through social media. If you want help with your social media account, reach out to Fresh Design Studio through our social media page.


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Millennial Marketing requires a different approach and method. The Millennial generation is one of the biggest generations in US history, which is why it’s important to study their spending habits and views on advertising.

Why is Millennial marketing unique?

Millennials are an interesting generation since they have grown up with digital technology. Millennials are known for being digitally savvy. Since we’re now able to share information instantly, millennials are proficient at connecting or interacting with only the things they want. Millennials’ attention span is also relatively low compared to previous generations, which is why Millennial marketing requires a different tactic.


Millennial views on advertising

In terms of advertising, Millennials are unlikely to trust advertisements. In fact, three out of four Millennials believe that advertising is distracting. They also don’t like being pushed or persuaded to buy things. However, Millennials are also most likely to trust online and mobile advertising. This is why consistency and authenticity are key when targeting Millennials. Millennials also tend to be more open to brands that make them feel like they are contributing or are part of the brand. Due to this, traditional marketing such as TV and billboards will no longer suffice.

tv millennial marketing

Ways to reach millennials

Direct mail can be a great opportunity to reach Millennials. According to a study, over 80% of Millennials look at their mail. Social influencers are also a great way to reach millennials. About 60% of Millennials are likely to follow a brand before buying from the company and are likely to buy from a brand they follow. Millennials also appreciate it when brands have programs that give back or support a cause. They are often willing to spend more from a company with a cause than a company without. Millennials care about the positive impact a brand has on society and they like brands with a conscience. Companies that support good causes can use digital tools such as Facebook or Twitter to promote their causes.

social media content

Although Millennials are a unique group of individuals, there are still ways to get through to them. If you need help reaching Millennials, feel free to reach out to us.

Millennials dominate social media and with their knowledge and enthusiasm of pop culture, brands are referencing pop culture to stay in the conversation. When a brand utilizes pop culture, it can go disastrous or it can be original and ingenious. Here are some examples in which brands have succeeded or failed at utilizing pop culture on social media.

Successful Pop Culture References on Social Media

Brands can effectively utilize pop culture by getting the timing right and by finding relevancy between their brand and the current event or media. One such example is Arby’s who used the Daily Show to alter their image. Arby’s was the butt of the joke on the Daily Show for years and when Jon Stewart announced he was leaving, Arby’s decided to respond by sending him a tweet with an Arby’s job application.

Arby's Social Media Post

They also sponsored Jon’s Stewart’s last episode and sent him a humorous farewell. Arby’s choose to respond by embracing his jabs and even throwing some his way. As a result, Arby’s was able to get to and connect with the Daily Show’s young audience.

Successful movies and television shows can also create high engagement on social media. One such case was Back to the Future on October 21, 2015. As fans of the film flocked to social media, Oreo and Pepsi both paid homage to the movie by incorporating a hover board in their posts on October 21st. Pepsi even created limited edition Back to the Future Pepsi bottles. These brands capitalized on the film’s large and passionate fan base and garnered positive reactions.


Social Media Pepsi Hooverboard

Unsuccessful Pop Culture References on Social Media

Referencing pop culture on social media can be clever and original but it can also go terribly wrong. It’s important to take into account who your audience is, your brand image, and the event or media before referencing pop culture. It’s also important to remain authentic and genuine. One brand that didn’t follow suit was Cheerios. As brands paid tribute to Prince last year, Cheerios tweeted out a pic stating “Rest in Peace” with their logo prominently shown. This was viewed negatively and Cheerios quickly removed the tweet. On a sensitive and emotional topic, the tweet resembled an ad than a tribute to the late singer.

Referencing popular events, people, or media in a negative way can also do harm to a brand. One example is Pepsi’s Swedish Branch who posted pictures of a voodoo doll of Cristiano Ronaldo in various harmful situations on their Facebook page before a soccer match between Sweden and Portugal in 2013. Pepsi received lots of backlash in Portugal and had to delete the ads.

Pepsi's Social Media Post of Ronaldo

It can certainty pay off to leverage pop culture on social media, but brands that do succeed in referencing  pop culture find relevancy between their brand and the current event or media and by remaining authentic.

The Chicago winter can be a magical place to spend the holidays so don’t be a bore and spend it indoors. If you’re not sure what to do this holiday season we’ve got some ideas for you.


1.The Skating Ribbon @ Maggie Daley Park

Peanuts snow charlie brown snowing ice skating

Ice skating with your beau could be the most classic holiday event there is. Skating hand in hand around the ribbon with the city skyline in the background is the perfect holiday date idea. You can try recreating the uber sentimental scenes from Elf, Serendipity, or any of the other holiday RomComs. Don’t have a special someone, don’t worry, go with a group of friends and have fun making fun of the cheesy couples skating hand in hand. You could even trip them if you’re feeling a little extra cynical that day. The ribbon is open until March and admission is free, you only have to rent the skates.

2.Visit the Christkindlmarket

The market which is a millennial since it was started in 1995 is inspired by a 16th-century holiday market tradition from Germany. The market has vendors that make handmade toys and trinkets that make perfect gifts for friends and family. The market also sells food and more importantly german beer and Glühwein, a german spiced wine that comes in a souvenir boot mug. The wine, I mean market, could make any grinch’s heart grow three sizes. The market is open every day until December 24th.

3. Throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

GIPHY Studios Originals christmas holidays happy holidays ugly sweater

Our generation loves a good theme party and what’s the perfect theme for the holidays: Ugly Christmas Sweater! It’s a super simple theme, go to any store or thrift shop and you’ll be sure to find an obnoxiously hideous Christmas sweater. After you just perfect the sweater all you need to do is invite some friends over and buy some booze, maybe eggnog, but who likes that. The party will be a complete success because it has the three key elements to a perfect party, a theme, good company, and booze!

4. See the Zoo Lights

elf nightmare before christmas christmas gif nightmare before xmas nightmare before christmas gif

The Lincoln Park Zoo lights is a quintessential part of the Chicago holiday season. Talk about making spirits bright, the zoo puts up more than two million lights that will transport you into a magnificent winter wonderland. The lights will definitely give you the warm and fuzzies inside and so will the fact that it’s completely free.

5. See The Nutcracker

ADWEEK dancing christmas commercial ballerina

If you’re one of those artsy types or you want to be one of those artsy types The Joffrey Ballet’s The Nutcracker should be on your holiday to-do list. What’s even better about this year’s version is that Tony Award-winning choreographer Christopher Wheeler has reinvented the classic story and reset it during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. Now, what could be better for a Chicago Ballet lover than a loved ballet set in Chicago? Performances start the 10th of December through December 30th.

6. Winter Pub Crawls and Libation Tastin’ Festival

christmas beer drunk holiday sleeping

For the 21 and over crowd Chicago hosts a number of holiday pub crawls and a wine, spirits, and beer festival. The holidays are a stressful time, all of that holiday shopping and spending time with family can really take a toll on your psyche. Why not lift your spirits with some spirits or another kind of alcoholic beverage. The crawls include: 12 Bars of Xmas TBOX Pub Crawl, Chicago Running of the Santa’s Pub Crawl, and Chicago Christmas Crawl through Old Town. Not a pub crawl person try going to the Libation Tasin’ Wine, Spirit and Beer Festival.

7. Go to Winter Wonderfest @ Navy Pier

night chicago

I know what you’re thinking, why the hell would I want to go to Navy Pier? The truth is you don’t but your family or visiting friends probably will. Winter Wonderfest is a perfect place to take them because not only is it at probably the most overrated Chicago Tourist attraction but it’s also very festive. The Wonderfest has ice skating, music, and other entertainment perfect for everyone in your family. Even better, it’s indoors so you won’t have to whether the frigid weather.

8. Bring in the New Year @ Chi-Town Rising

2016 lea michele happy new year new year new years eve

Don’t have the money to travel to NYC to see the ball drop, probably not you’re a millennial, next best thing, Chi-Town Rising. It’s Chicago’s very own version of Time Square New Year’s celebration and ball drop, except, it’s a rising star instead of a dropping ball. The event has live music, celebrities, fireworks, and of course a rising star.

According to Dunnhumby, people nowadays like to stay away from traditions and find new ways to spend their holidays, i.e, more time with friends instead of families, and more time to use social media tools to prepare and share their holidays. Millennials, if you’re feeling panic as the holidays are approaching, either with or without family members, here are some tips to help you survive.

1.Keep the focus off yourself


If you are tired of being asked too many questions and need to somehow be invisible at a big family dinner, just bring a chatty date and let him/her do all the talking. If you can’t find a date, bring up other family members to deter the conversation from yourself. Also, drinking plenty will allow you to excuse yourself from the table and conversation often.




2. D.I.Y gifts


Isn’t it sweet to D.I.Y. a gift for your significant others and give them a special handmade surprise? Not only will you get brownie points for taking the time to hand make a gift but D.I.Y. gifts can be surprisingly cheap. Not that creative to come up with an idea; that’s why there’s Pinterest. Even less creative; that’s why there’s Etsy!



3.Don’t bring up politics


No matter whom you are going to spend the holiday with, friends or relatives, try to avoid the “president” talk. You never know if you have different points of view and you don’t want to ruin the conversation or spend hours arguing in circles.



4. Know everyone else is going through the same thing


You’ll probably spend a good amount of time on social media during the holidays. You’ll see photos of your friends enjoy their vacations with their families. Just remember that social media is often a lie and they are just as miserable as you. Even if they’re not, just believing they are will help ease your pain and suffering.



5. family is always the best holiday gift


Lastly, hanging out with friends is cool, but being with family is always the best. Whether you are going through good or bad times, share them with your family at dinner night and get a hug. They are the ones that will make us feel loved.

PPC Millennials lead generation is getting increasingly promising for advertising since Millennials have increasing use of digital technologies and online communication. Here are several sweet tips to generate leads from Millennials by PPC.

PPC Millennials lead generation by Geo-targeting advertisements

One in five millennials is no longer using a desktop to go online, relying on a mobile phone or tablet instead. What’s the significant difference between those two? Obviously, a mobile phone is more portable. People could bring it with them wherever they go and check it whenever they want. That’s to say, a mobile phone could help us identify visitors’ locations when they search us and group them accordingly. So why not create mobile-specific ad groups to use Geo-targeting for our PPC millennials lead generation campaigns? It would bring our online advertisements to right visitors according to their locations and improve the CTR for sure. For example, we are running luggage transport business at international airports in major cities. We would target our online advertisements on people searching luggage transport service on mobile phones around those airports. That’s a perfect match for both parties.
Geo-targeting advertisements for ppc millennials lead generation

Offer something meets Millennials’ values and needs

Millennials are no longer like their baby boomer parents. They have their own values and perspectives towards the world. PPC millennials lead generation needs brand new strategies to reach millennials. We could start from the landing page, a place millennial visitors leave their personal information to gain free offers from us. What we offer here should reflect what they care the most: let’s say the difficulty in job searching. Following the example above, as a business owner providing luggage transport service, we could offer visitors a guide on how to control the luggage weight by saying, “Our new millennial employees this year come up with some fantastic ideas to help your luggage lose weight!” Millennials would treat your company not only helpful but also employment-friendly, therefore more easily to get interested in your business.
understand millennials' values and perspectives towards the world in order to do ppc millennials lead generation

Going social and getting connected with millennials

Social media is a close friend of millennials. Over 60% of millennials stay up to date on brands through social media platforms. More than half of millennials report social reviews posted online to influence their purchase decisions. Social media help you keep in touch with millennials, so definitely add all your social accounts on the thank-you page of PPC millennials lead generation. Managing those accounts are even more important. Creating customer loyalty programs or inclusive communities based on brand could be a possible winning strategy. Millennials feel connected to each other besides the brand are more likely to develop close relationships with the brand, so you are more likely to turn leads into real customers.
social media is important for ppc millennials lead generation

Do you want to know more about PPC millennials lead generation? Fresh Design Studio is always here waiting for you!


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We all know that the Millennial generation has some pretty weird tastes when it comes to food. Sure, they would happily wait an hour in line to taste that new Vietnamese barbecue place but they’re not above face-planting cornershop nachos and plastic cheese, either.

Here comes the time that brunch officially becomes the new obsession for millennials.

Millennials spend more money on food than they do on events or clothing. They need to be certain they are paying for the most tasty, picture-perfect brunches. It’s no secret — take a quick glance at your Instagram feed and you will likely see an array of mouth-watering plates of food trending with the #brunch hashtag.

Now Chicago is finally seeing consistent signs of spring! Let’s welcome spring with brunch dates and another brunch post on instagram.

Fresh Design Studio understands you brunch lovers! Here are the top 5 Chicago brunch $$ places that you should definitely try!


Lula Cafe

The O.G. neighborhood brunchery with a menu of unclassifiable and unexpected food.
2537 N. Kedzie Ave.; 773-489-9554


Try Lula cafe as your first brunch date restaurant. This innovation and dedication to ingredients makes brunch here a vegetarian’s dream.

Though there’s seating aplenty, there is a 100 percent chance that if you swing by on a weekend morning, the scene will be rocking.

Take the unlikely combo of fried eggplant chunks, sweet corn kernels, basil, tangy peaches, a sliced hard-boiled egg, flakes of ricotta salata, and pine nut vinaigrette, and you have the bulgur bowl—an exemplary display of Lula’s magic. This innovation and dedication to ingredients makes brunch here a vegetarian’s dream. Chili paste and lemongrass are involved in Bloody Mary. A glassful of strong Metric Joe=a special blend made for Lula is totally delightful.


Dove’s Luncheonette

The dinner of your dreams at Wicker Park.
1545 N. Damen Ave.; 773-645-4060


If the regular, all-day menu’s offerings of foods such as chicken-fried chicken and stuffed chile relleno sound like breakfast to you, then have them slap a fried egg on it and call it your meal.

Though weekends can be bonkers at One-Off Hospitality’s (Publican, Big Star, etc) year-old diner, the scene during our weekday morning meal is lowkey as it gets. Filtered sunlight and easy-listening throwback tunes fill the room. If there’s a better spot to ease into a Wednesday, we’re not sure where it is.

If the regular, all-day menu’s offerings of foods such as chicken-fried chicken and stuffed chile relleno sound like breakfast to you, then have them slap a fried egg on it and call it your meal. Adorably ugly brown mugs deliver a mighty strong house blend coffee, compliments of Dark Matter. Bloody Mary kills it all.



Mostly organic morning fare-both classic and not-for the gluten-averse, the toddler toter, and the commoner.
5020 N. Sheridan Rd.; 773-728-5576


One of Sheridan Road’s lovely art-deco buildings houses this high-energy room where the tables are as tightly packed as the artwork on the walls.

One of Sheridan Road’s lovely art-deco buildings houses this high-energy room where the tables are as tightly packed as the artwork on the walls. The place is a total Saturday morning rocker.

The menu is lengthy, with entire sections devoted to benedicts and burritos, and more than a dozen gluten-free dishes. When pumpkin pancakes are on offer, we’re all in. Tweet’s version is dense and cinnamon-y throughout and finished with butter, whipped cream, a smattering of berries, and cinnamon-sugar.

The cocktail list is all about the Bloody, offered a half-dozen ways ranging from classic to wasabi-spiked.



Style-conscious gluttony with plenty of substance in river North.
441 N. Clark St.; 312-955-1900


We love their breakfast sope, with smoky chorizo black beans resting in a masa boat, topped with guacamole and cotija and a fried egg, managing to curb both a craving for something comforting and something refined. Bottlefork has always killed it when it comes to cocktails. Metropolis coffee is a nice touch of mornings in the city.

Dark walls, dark wood, limited windows: Bottlefork’s dining room always feels like it’s stuck in perpetual night time, which makes sense given that it’s a part of the Rockit Ranch family, the purveyors of clubby evening hangouts.

We love their breakfast sope, with smoky chorizo black beans resting in a masa boat, topped with guacamole and cotija and a fried egg, managing to curb both a craving for something comforting and something refined. Bottlefork has always killed it when it comes to cocktails. Metropolis coffee is a nice touch of mornings in the city.


Son of a Butcher Tavern

Mellow neighborhood brunch that skews decidedly meaty.
2934 W. Diversey Ave.; 773-270-4520


The very cool two-room space—which features old-world paintings, a taxidermied deer, and a mural of a small-town butcher shop on the wall—filled in nicely with laidback couples and not-as-laidback families.

The very cool two-room space—which features old-world paintings, a taxidermied deer, and a

mural of a small-town butcher shop on the wall—filled in nicely with laidback couples and not-as-laidback families.

You’ve gotta go meaty here, and Piggie by the pound may just be the best brunch deal in the city. It’s a full pound of ultra-tender pulled pork that was smoked in-house, plus freshly made corn tortillas to create DIY tacos. The full cocktail menu is on offer, along with the requisite Bloody Mary and mimosa.


We know there are tons of guidelines, resources, tutorials when it comes to social media marketing. You might have already read a couple of this week. Here, we want to give you a bite-size tip on social media marketing. So you can be a smarter social media marketer in 3 minutes. Now, let’s talk shop!


Start with a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social Media Marketing Editorial Calendar

Social Media Marketing Editorial Calendar

Use google spreadsheet, or excel, or any software make sense to you, but you need a calendar that marks the theme of each month or week. The calendar should include what you are going to post weeks in advance. The biggest problem in social media marketing is consistency.  A social media editorial calendar is a great commitment device, which holds you and your marketers responsible day after day.


Tell a story and get personal

Social Media get personal

Social Media get personal

People are interested in people, not stuff. Think of your social media marketing is a TV series. You will need a main plot that gets user hook for the entire season. This plot is your strategy. For each episode, you will still want to spark an emotional connection with your audience. Now, take a look at your own social media strategy and ask yourself. Would you want to watch the show?



Collaborate with your audience

Social Media Marketing needs teamwork

Social Media Marketing needs teamwork

There are two things that can bring people together quicker than food. They are collaboration and a common goal.   You should set a common goal such as a charitable cause, or a new technology launch. Then you find ways to collaborate with your audience to achieve it together. Don’t just give out freebies to buy engagements; they won’t last.


Need help to freshen up your social media marketing? Let’s go!


Summer is just around the, and our very own Chicago, “The Windy City” has much to offer. There are tons of things you can see, do and experience here, in Chicagoland, to make your visit one of the most memorable ones.

In an attempt to ensure you get it all covered, we’ve put together a list of websites and articles that’ll definitely be your personal guide to help you get around.

  • Ten cool things to do in Chicago in June

    Pilsen Food Truck Social

    Pilsen Food Truck Social

    The second web page on our list also features some of the best things you can do in Chicago for the summer. However, it’s a lot more crisp and informative. Indeed, less is more these days.

  • The Top Five Things to Do in Chicago This Week

    The Chicago Gospel Festival comes to Millennium Park this weekend.

    The Chicago Gospel Festival comes to Millennium Park this weekend.

    If you’re looking to soak in all the artistic vibes of the city and indulge in its rich culture, you’ll find the website below mighty useful. Chicago as a city definitely has much to offer for the artist in each one of us.

  • 101 things to do in Chicago: free things to do

    See concerts and public art in Millennium Park

    See concerts and public art in Millennium Park

    The list put together by Time Out has all the wonderful things you can do in Chicago without having to burn a hole in your pockets. In fact, almost all of these things are absolutely free, and are definitely worth your time.

  • Things To Do In Chicago Daily

    Blue Star Museums: free Museum Entry for military families all summer!

    Blue Star Museums: free Museum Entry for military families all summer!

    This comprehensive website by Paper Li has news updates from all quarters- be at Arts, Sports, Science or Leisure. It’s easy to navigate and you’ll have what you’re looking for in no time.

  • 2015’s Best Places to Dine in Chicago



    Michigan Avenue went out of their way to put together a list of the best places to dine in Chicago. The list has something in store for everyone to indulge their taste buds in. “Bon appétit” is all we can leave you with!

  • 5 Must Visit Musems In Chicago



    If you’re keen on getting glimpses into the past that the museums of Chicago have so beautifully preserved, then the Travel Me Guide’s list of must-visit museums is definitely for you. See them all in one visit or save some for next summer.




    Rain or sun, a cup of coffee that’s brewed to perfection can be relished anytime of the year, irrespective of the season. And for every coffee lover out there, here’s a list of the most amazing coffee shops in Chicago.

  • 4 "Must-See"Places in the Chicago Area

     Adler Planetarium

    Adler Planetarium

    While other websites will tell you what you “can” see in Chicago, here’s a list that tells you what you “must see”. Make sure you fit them all in your schedule.