Before you start reading this post, you will have to excuse my over-generalization of millennials and their generation and oversimplification of American politics. So if you are reading this for political science or social science, maybe you should skip this one.

It is no secret that the majority of Millennials are feeling the Bern! In Iowa Bernie Sanders carried 84% of the vote for 17 to 29 age group and 83% of the vote in New Hampshire in the same age group. It is hard to ignore that the majority of Millennials in this nation are currently siding with Bernie Sanders over other presidential candidates. Not many of us saw this coming, maybe not even Bernie himself.  Here are the top 3 reasons, I think why millennials are supporting Bernie Sanders.

1.The Right Timing for Millennials

Milleniual bernie sanders basketball

Millennial Bernie Sanders basketball

The Millennial generation is the most educated generation in American history.  They entered the workforce during the housing bubble, and witnessed millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes, while corporations were getting bail-out money and CEO’s received millions in bonuses. With student loans averaging $30,000 and low paying entry-level jobs, they are not satisfied with how the government is dealing with increasing wealth gap.

If Bernie would have came at a time when the income inequality was less severe, he might not have be as loved by his young supporters. Yes, he might be a democratic socialist, but maybe he is just what we need right now. At least that’s what millennials are thinking.

2. Millennials Love The Authenticity

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders Authenticity

Bernie sanders Authenticity

This is the digital age and millennials who live and have grown up in the U.S. have seen more ads compared to  when their parents were growing up. They have developed a pair of skeptical lenses when it came to advertising and political propaganda.

You can compare Bernie to any candidates, he is as authentic as a politician can get. From the way he dresses to the way he talks, Bernie doesn’t pretend to be someone else to please the crowd. Millennials love that about Bernie.

Bernie Sanders authenticity

Bernie Sanders authenticity

3. The Values not the Perks are what is Important to Millennials 

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders value

Bernie Sanders value

Despite growing up in economic downturn, most millennials display optimism for their future. More importantly, they not only believe they themselves will have a better future, but everyone else in the country will share in a better future.

Bernie Sanders might be an idealist for some people, but from the perspective of millennials’ he is a visionary. He doesn’t promise perks and tax cuts, but he stays true to giving this country a better future.

Whether you agree or disagree with Bernie’s idea, it’s hard to deny the millennial monument behind this candidate.  

The most important things of all, if you are feeling the Bern get out and vote and even if you are not get out and vote! It is your right! 

Congratulations on deciding to pursue your passions and finding a way to make money doing it! We Millennials love our side hustles and they are becoming more and more popular as 26 million Americans are currently working part-time gigs. And good for them! Side hustles are an excellent way to earn some cash, whether for fun nights out or for books for school. While you earn that money though, you should be aware that if you are not careful, you could lose much more. A side hustle, just like any business, should be legally protected. Here are our top 5 tips to hustle legally:

1.Form a legal entity

Top 5 Tips For Millennials On Starting Your Side Hustle

Yes, you do need an LLC or a Corporation, even if you are a small time shop. If you do not have a legal entity, get sued and the other side wins, you can lose your personal assets such as your home or your car. Think you won’t get sued? Think again; there are over 20 million civil cases filed every year, so yes, it can happen to you. A median contract dispute can cost about $91,000.00. There is no reason why you should be putting all of your personal assets at risk, so file for that legal entity as soon as you can.


2. If you are selling your handmade…

If you are selling your handmade,

If you are selling your handmade, unique goods on Etsy or performing gigs on Fiverr, make sure to carefully read and understand their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Most such platforms will disclaim their liabilities and will let you battle it out with the customer if something goes wrong. It is important for you to know your liabilities and responsibilities in such cases so that you can be prepared. And this leads us into #3…


3. Have your own Terms and Conditions.

Top 5 Tips For Millennials On Starting Your Side Hustle

Regardless of whether you are selling goods or services online, you should always have your own T&C. These will protect you from liability in case you get sued, and will further establish you as a legitimate business. Lastly, T&C will answer frequent customer questions, such as shipping and return policies, thereby preventing a barrier to customers purchasing from you.

Obtain a business license. Even though you may be working from home or from a co-working space for now, you still need to check the requirements in your city and, if you are required to, obtain a business license. If you get caught without a business license, you will have to pay steep fines and the city may even stop you from doing business until you are in compliance.


4. Lastly, if you are providing more personalized services

Top 5 Tips For Millennials On Starting Your Side Hustle

 such as business consulting or catering, you should have contracts with your clients. These contracts will help you mitigate your risk and avoid liability reduce the likelihood that your clients will try to take advantage of you and will ensure that you get paid.

We hope that the above has helped you understand and mitigate some of the risks that you may be facing. And, as always, happy side hustling!




Donata Kalnenaite, Esq.

Agency Attorneys
Donata is the founder and CEO of Agency Attorneys (, a law firm that focuses on helping startups and small businesses. She loves to share her knowledge and ensures that her clients understand everything that they sign. She can be contacted at or (312) 391-4341.

The population of the Millennial generation, those in the 19-35 age range, have been reluctant to becoming homeowners.  Troubled by high unemployment, student loan debts, and tight credit, Millennials have a different outlook on home ownership and long-term investment than previous generations. However, as the rent keeps on going up and the economy continues to recover, there is a shift in the housing market. More and more Millennial are now becoming first time home buyer in 2016.

While some real estate agencies are well equipped to service this new group of buyers, most of the agencies are still struggling to win over businesses for millennial home buyers.  Here are the biggest mistakes people make when marketing real estate products or services to Millennials.


You will be surprised how many real estate companies think building a digital presence just means having a website! You don’t have to be a social butterfly on all the social media networks (in fact you really shouldn’t do that), but nowadays a website is only a start. So look out for the following

  1. They will google and yelp you the first thing
    • So make sure your website is search engine optimized and you are active on social media promoting your brands and mission.
  2. They expect you go mobile for them
    • If your website is not mobile optimized, then you just showed up at a cocktail party wearing disco pants. So get your website mobile optimized and responsive right away.
  3. They expect you digital
    • I don’t just mean having the document signed digitally (that’s nice). Your marketing communication will  be going digital. Thinking youtube video ads, Social media ads, re-targeting ad, these are common methods to engage with millennial home buyers.


You already know hard-selling is a turn-off, but millennials really dislike hard-selling. Maybe because they grew up seeing a lot more ads than the previous generation.

  1. You are sending out template bulk emails
    • They are great in spotting template messages. While there is nothing wrong to broadcast your industry knowledge via a mass email, but you will just be one of the many many real estate agencies out there. If you truly want to stand out and make a connection, spend the time to customize your emails and send something more personal. They will appreciate your authenticity.
  2. You are selling and not educating
    • Let’s face it, they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to purchasing a home. If you focus on selling, they might be overwhelmed. Instead, if you educate them on the process, you might gain long-term clients.

Now that you know more about real estate marketing with millennial.  Feel free to post your feedback or questions to the comment box below. We read all of them!

How Do Buy Real Estate Different Millennials From Their Parents?


of Home Buyers are Millennials


The real estate industry is always changing and adapting to present day buyers. With 31% of home buyers being Millennials and being 12% of sellers of homes It is safe to say that the industry is changing because of them. Millennials are beginning to buy homes much differently than their parents, whether it’s a result of the use of technology or because of higher house prices. Below are just a few of the most common ways that Millennials are beginning to buy homes differently.


How to Find Houses


One of the main ways that real estate marketing is changing to accommodate the needs of newer generations is how houses are found in the first place. 90% of Millennials used the internet, instead of going into a real estate office and talking to an agent, more prospective buyers are prone to use the internet to find desirable properties. There are hundreds of websites that show homes in their immediate area that they can tour virtually.

Talking to Real Estate Agents


Another common change that Millennial real estate marketing is experiencing is how buyers communicate with their real estate agents. This generation is much more likely to email or text in comparison to picking up the phone and calling their agent. This not only helps to speed up communication but it is also more convenient for all parties involved.

Preparing the Research


In the past if you were buying a home you would rely on your real estate agent to give you a list of potential properties in your budget. With the use of the internet and mobile applications, home buyers are able to generate their own lists of potential properties to bring to their real estate agents. By doing their homework they’re able to find comparable sales in potential neighborhoods.

Fast Buying Processes


In today’s society we are used to getting information and results incredibly fast, much faster than in the past. This has directly influenced the way that Millennials are purchasing homes because they expect results as quickly as possible. Real estate agents are required to work within these specifications otherwise their clients may not be impressed with their sales skills. Essentially, home buyers now expect to put in an offer and receive an answer as to whether it is accepted the same night or the morning after.

Real estate marketing is one of the best ways to make sure that individuals are able to find the homes of their dreams. Millennials are quickly changing the way that we know how to buy and sell properties.


When Google Glass was first unveiled, it received no shortage of attention from the media and the public. For Glass, the huge consumer group made up of Americans aged 18-35, also known as “Millennials”, dominated the 2012-2014 debates on the future of wearable tech.

Now ask yourself “Have I seen someone wearing a Glass?”

Chances are, you haven’t. I know I certainly haven’t and I’m a millennial tech geek!

It turned out that while the idea of Glass was fascinating, it doesn’t make practical sense to actually purchase a pair. How do I know this? Because the failure of Glass revealed the dynamics within our generation: while we are on one side expressive in voicing our thoughts, we are also more careful and logical with our choices than most think.

Now, if we flip back to the presidential election we can clearly see that Trump is leveraging on media coverage through his compelling outsider-challenges-conventional-wisdom-to-save-the-day story, but he is unfortunately not the Mr. Smith of our dreams.

Trump is getting our attention but not our millennial votes. Consisting of over 24 per cent of America’s population, this generation makes up the most educated and culturally diverse generation that our country has ever seen. We’re unlike any other groups to emerge into influence.

You know that saying “I’d rather push a Harley than ride a Honda”? There are very few people can who look at the Harley Davidson brand and lifestyle and go “It’s okay, I guess”. You either love it or hate it! The same goes for Trump. People are either strongly opposed to what Trump is doing or they are impressed by him. One thing you can’t do is ignore his campaign. His polarizing views may help with news fodder, but as a member of the Millennial group I think Trump fails to represent the collaborative spirit that makes our generation just that little bit different.

The one thing that Trump has done is made politics more entertaining for Millennials; he has made it relevant for us to participate in governing our future.

You know what, thanks, but no thanks Trump.

Chicago, IL Sept 10th. — Fresh Design Studio, LLC, a leading creative agency, announces its shift to a Millennial agency, thereby painting an indelible mark in the digital marketing landscape. The move to reposition the agency’s focus was driven by the need to effectively capture the interests of the Millennial generation, which is now the main driving force in all areas of every industry.  

“Already we are sitting at a tipping point in the consumer landscape. Engaging the millennial generation will be key to growing brands and companies, and we have made it our mission to be experts in making that happen. We aspire to become the best and most inspiring brand storytellers!” said Anson Wu, Managing Director of Fresh Design Studio.

The road to becoming a Millennial agency was set by first understanding the diverse aspects of these consumers then aligning company goals, strategies, and operations to support the development. Fuelled by a team of talented and passionate individuals, Fresh Design Studio is now, more than ever, ready to bridge companies and clients to the millennial consumers.



Since 2009, Fresh Design Studio  (, located in 29 East Madison St. Suite 1620 Chicago, IL has dedicated its  creativity and perseverance in assisting clients to grow in any market condition. They provide full services in web designs, marketing, advertising, developing and consulting. Fresh Design believes that a good design not only decorates but also delivers the message. Design is composed of custom-made artworks, tailored original content, strategic communication plans and precise back-end programming.

What does it take to get a job in marketing these days?

Marketing has changed a lot in the last five years, and what worked in the past will not always work in today’s job market. Overall, we are seeing people drop their standard resumes, and even LinkedIn pages, to become creative about looking for a job. Remember, you are looking for a job in a very creative and inventive career, so make something that will stick out to land your dream job. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Pull a stunt

Yes, really! We are seeing more creative ways to get your name and resume out there. Customized baby T-shirts, and cereal boxes have all been used in the past to get hiring managers to notice their resumes. You can also hack into the hiring chair’s email and send your information to everyone in the hiring department, if you are willing to take this risk to land the job. Even if you’re crazy stunt doesn’t land you a job, you may get, at least, an interview and your name out there.

  1. Stunts can only go so far

In some companies, crazy stunts and gimmicks just don’t work. In these cases, send them your best work to gain some respect and get some attention. People send their work to the best marketer at the company and beg them to look at their work. This can work to your advantage, although it takes some humility to do it especially if you’re the best in your field. If you really are good, chances are you may have the best marketer in the company talking about you, and you may just land an interview.

  1. Always produce high quality work

No matter what company you apply to, they love to see people working hard for them. The best way to show a company you are hardworking and creative is to be producing work at a good pace that is of high quality. Building a portfolio of work that you are proud of, and that demonstrates your desires and work attitude, will establish your credibility

  1. Solve actual problems

Ad agencies are known to make up random problems that don’t exist, and want the marketing teams to fix them. One of the best examples of these creative problem solving feat is from the company Deutsch where they hired a man who created a LED light installation, which flashes light and plays music when someone pees on the wall to stop people from peeing on public walls.

  1. Always sell yourself

Some companies will get an interview by contacting you on social media like Twitter, Intagram or Tublr. Many marketing companies are now focusing on social media, so your Klout score can be important. Many hiring managers are saying that you need to treat yourself as a brand, and to build your personal brand, and manage it so it matches you and your goals.

We are seeing huge changes in the marketing world, so you need to stay on top of your personal branding. The main thing to remember with personal branding is that if you don’t want the hiring manager to see it, don’t post it.

The Disengaged UI/UX For Music Streaming Service

Tidal’s overall UI/UX can be described as modern, trendy, and dark-themed. Nothing is wrong with these attributes; in fact, they can be very effective. However, when you consider most everyday music listeners, there is a distinct difference between the brand and the everyday listeners.  The dark-themed interface is simply not as encouraging as other clean, light-themed interfaces.  I agree that the dark-theme worked well for the night time, but evening music is more of a social occasion. It usually happens in a bar, a lounge or a nightclub. We tend to listen to music on our own during the day time.  I really hope the next UI/UX upgrade will brighten things up; it could brighten up the future for Tidal in doing so.

Pandroa One on iPAD

Pandroa One on iPAD

The Out-dated Customer Acquisition Model

One of the major challenges for Tidal to attract new users is the lack of free services. There is certainly value in high quality and ad free music streaming; however, these listeners are probably the subscribers of Spotify Premium or Pandora One. The market for people willing to pay for two streaming services is very small. The market for converting free listeners to paying listeners is tough to crack.  Not to mention the fact that you cannot experience the Tidal service without a credit card. This is preventing other on-the-edge potential customers from experiencing the service. Tidal would be better off having a truly free trial or a free version.

Tidal services

Tidal services


The Wrong Brand Story

This is the most problematic issue for Tidal. The brand story is completely disengaging and off-putting to the general public. An engaging story needs 3 elements; a hero, a magical tool, and a villain. In Tidal’s case, they get two of them wrong: the hero and the villain.

Who is the hero? Tidal came out with the support of some of the most popular musicians. The story they tell to the public is that Tidal is different from the rest, because it gives the profit  back to artists instead of major corporations.  In this case, the heroes in the story are the musicians  and artists. While that sounds like a good idea on the surface, it does not engage nor mobilize the public opinion.  In fact, public perception is that the artists are already being overpaid. Is this perception true? It doesn’t matter. If the heroes of the story are Tidal’s customers and not the artists, it would be a much more convincing pitch.

Who is the villain? Every great story has a villain, the bad guy, the establishment, the dictator – whatever you want to name it. In this case, we can roughly guess that the villain is the record companies. The problem here is that the public doesn’t really look at record companies as the bad guys; at least this perception is not strong enough to influence any significant behavior change. Finding common enemies with the public perception is key in engaging with your target audience. If Tidal can clearly define its villain and the public can resonate with such a villain, then this platform can finally influence our behavior.

Tidal Music Streaming

Tidal Music Streaming


Of course, the above is my own opinion. I also think  Tidal has a fighting chance in this music distribution market; however, they need to rethink their own brand story and step up their game in 2015.