Estimation Process Manual

Estimation is only for engagement under 5k, for anything above please use Proposal Process Policy. Estimation is meant to be a quick and effective way to issue an estimate to clients or potential clients



Account Executive


Senior Programmer

Senior Designer


  1. Account Executive received written request from client for an estimate of an engagement

    1. Request must be written, if verbal Account Executive should write back in email to confirm

    2. Account Executive should not provide estimate on the spot, instead defer to the agency policy

  2. Account Executive understands the scope and expectation

    1. Walked through the request with client either virtually or in person

    2. 100% understanding of each item and ready to answer below question

      1. What exactly does it need to change?

      2. Why does the client want to change it?

      3. When does it need to be done?

  3. Account Executive create required document for estimation

    1. Fill out Estimated Form (Date – Project Name – Estimation Form)

    2. Created corresponding Google Doc (Date – Project Name – Estimation Doc)  to explain each items

      1. Attach screenshot or video

      2. Provide further explanation

    3. Create an Asana task for a Senior staff (programmer or designer depending on the project)

      1. Explain overall purpose of the engagement

      2. Attach all related documents

  4. Senior staff provide estimation

    1. Review Estimation Form and Estimation Doc to understand each item

    2. Ask questions if needed

    3. Estimate is aim to be the best educated guess

  5. Director reviews the estimate

    1. Director reviews for discrepancy and looking for any new business opportunities

    2. Director creates an official estimate PDF after approval

  6. Account Executive send estimate to clients

    1. Final review for typo or mislabeling

    2. Schedule a call to walk through the estimate with the client if needed

  7. If estimate is accepted, Account Executive will delegate task via Asana

    1. Create Asana task with detail information from the estimation document

  8. If estimated is rejected notify Director




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