Fresh Box (Google Drive) Manual

Fresh Box on Google Drive stores all the projects that we previously worked on, currently working on and future targeted one. Each project folder includes all the documents we received from and shared with clients as well as files we used internally. All the attached documents on Asana shall be from Goolge Drive, so that everyone at FDS can share and keep track of the whole process.

Folder Hierarchy:

A folder hierarchy is an organizational structure of one or more folders. Folder hierarchies organize the repository so that users can browse through it easily. You can create multiple folder hierarchies to organize information in different ways to make browsing convenient for different types of users.

H1 Folder Groups:

There are four H1 folders within Fresh Box:

  • The “1-General” folder includes default templates and general information that are not directly related to a specific project.
    • Administration
    • FDS Internal
    • FDS Marketing Resources
    • Learning Center
    • Strategy/Design/Development Resources
    • Templates_Create New Project
    • Templates_Meeting
    • General Folder Instruction
  • The “2-Sales Pipeline” folder includes all the projects with potential clients who haven’t signed the contract or made the payment yet. Only directors are authorized to move projects from folder to folder. All the projects are grouped into 7 different stages of sales pipeline. Project folders within each stage, which are H2 Level folders, are named after clients’ company name.
    • Breakfast (lead & opportunity identification)
    • Lunch (validation & qualification)
    • Happy Hour (analysis & proposal)
    • Dinner (negotiation)
    • Party (contract sent & payment pending)
    • Dish Washing (didn’t sign contract)
    • On Diet (back burners)
    • Sales Resources
    • Sales Pipeline Folder Instruction
  • The “3-Archived Projects” folder include all the projects that we previously worked on.
  • The “4-Operation Projects” folder are projects that are those moved from the “2-Sales Pipeline–>Party” folder after clients signed the contract and made the payment. Name of project folders remain the same (e.g. AdBook Online, Fivo Film, etc.)

***Creating and moving projects from folder to folder shall be decided by directors only.

Folder Structure:

For all the H1, H2 and H3 level folders, each of them contains a word document titled Folder Introduction, which explains:

  • The function of the folder
  • Table of content of the folder
  • Checklist for moving project to other folders (optional)
For all the project folder, which are on H4 level, should be named after clients’ business name. If there are two projects we have been conducting for the same client, create two separate folder under the same client name and mark the date. Each of the project folder shall contain:
  • Client Need Assessment
  • Design Files
  • Mark Ups
  • Meeting Notes
  • Project Files
  • Reports
  • Research
  • Shared with Client
  • General Letterhead

File Naming:

A consistent file naming convention is critical in file management.

MM-DD-YY-FileName- Project Name

Example 1:  A google doc markup file created on January 10th, 2050 for account Learning Pills


Example 2: A jpg format of the logo saved on February 24th 2051 for account Learning Pills