Hours Tracking on FreshBook Manual

Tracking hours are essential to the agency profitability. Without accurate hours tracking, our agency can not maximize profit and benefit our team member. Therefore, you should track your hours to the best of your knowledge.

Roles: Everyone in the agency


  1. Select the project/client you are servicing under “Project”

    1. if you do NOT see a correct project under your “Project” list, please notify the project manager right away.

    2. Do NOT create new project yourself. No project will be counted unless is created by the agency account

  2. Enter the hours

    1. Enter through Timer or manually enter the hours in FreshBook

  3. Add Notes (This is an extremely important step)

    1. Add Asana Task Name (if available)

    2. Add Asana Task URL (if available)

    3. Describe what you completed during the logged hours time

      1. AVOID: “I worked on it,” or “page updated”

      2. Expected: Added photo as requested by client, and increase font size by 2px

General Rules:

  1. Honesty is always the best policy. Always log your hours to the best your knowledge and as detail as possible

  2. If you ever forgot to log the hours, you can still go back and update the record. Please do so within the same week.

  3. Do NOT under any circumstances edit your hours after a week without notifying the project manager or the director.

*Last Updated 12-11-2015*

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