Meeting Scheduling Manual

Effective meeting scheduling can help build client relationship. Therefore, below are the guidelines we should take to schedule a meeting with the clients.



Account Executive



  1. Schedule meeting at least  72 hours in advance if possible

    1. Ask each participant to submit the topic they wish to discuss when scheduling the meeting

    2. Propose a secondary meeting time

    3. Confirm if the meeting is in person or over the phone

    4. Send out Event calendar or uberconference if needed

  2. Remind attendee the meeting 8 hours in advance

    1. Compose an agenda to send out with the reminder

    2. Consider each participant desired topics

    3. Consider the time restrain for the meeting

  3. Prepare for the meeting 30 minutes in advance

    1. Arrive on time or early

    2. Prepare Meeting Note Google doc

    3. Print out the agenda


Let’s meet!

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