Working with Fresh Design team was a dream. Our first introduction to them came in a thorough, thoughtful and highly professional proposal – we already felt like a paying client. As we worked on the app together, FDS acted as collaborative partners who supported us on business and tech. As a small nonprofit, we found this dual support invaluable. Finally, FDS ‘s timeliness and excellent project and product management allowed for flexibility and patience when we needed to pivot. 5 of 5 stars!

Teresa PeltierDirector, Digital Strategy and Organizational Planning

Always delivers on time what he offers.

Jonathan RojanoDirector of Operations at Campus Property Management

Fresh design is a highly creative, high-performing and detail-oriented professional with whom it is pleasure to conduct business. You can expect a rapid response to correspondence, quick results and careful attention to the projects he manages. I’d recommend FreshDesign Studio for Web design/ consultation to businesses of all types and sizes.

Megan AlexanderProperty Manager at Hidden Hills Apartments

Fresh design is very client focused and ensures that 1) their clients needs are well understood 2) the right resources are brought to bear and 3) the final result has a strong value proposition – e.g. is aligned with the brand strategy at an appropriate price point.

Steven WhittingtonFounder and CEO at LifeWorking Enterprises, LLC

Fresh Design Studio provides outstanding customer service and a willingness to entertain new ideas, to research and learn new skills to bring a project to fruition. Regardless of competing priorities, Anson and his team are always at the ready to respond. Fresh Design Studio is a pleasure to work with, and very grateful for the service they have provided us the past three years.

Gail ConwayChief Executive Officer at Opening Minds USA

Fresh design is truly a delight to work with. He is very creative and always thinks out of the box. He goes above and beyond to bring forward the results that we as client are seeking. In addition, his deep understanding of both Chinese and American culture allows him to provide us with valuable insights. We love the wonderful website his firm built for us!

Nick Farina Sr.CEO at Fit In Stand Out and Partner at Voltage Video Branding

Fresh design is truly a delight to work with. He is very creative and always thinks out of the box. He goes above and beyond to bring forward the results that we as client are seeking. In addition, his deep understanding of both Chinese and American culture allows him to provide us with valuable insights. We love the wonderful website his firm built for us!

Jing Zhao CesaroneCEO, ChinaWise

We have worked with Fresh Design Studio for 2 years. The FDS team have provided video production, SEO, marketing brochures and other related marketing services for us. Rest assured Anson and the FDS Team will work tirelessly to understand your product and the market you belong to in order to provide you with the highest quality of service & product.

Mira BenjaminDirector at Sea English Academy

Fresh Design has given us the added dimension of creativity but more importantly, the implementation and execution of that creativity. Anson and his team are always available and they consistently meet and exceeded our deadline expectations. Fresh Design is a great value and I would recommend them to any business, large or small, that is looking for a web design team that will deliver on their promises.

CJ SeestadtChief Operating Officer/COO at Arcotech Uniexpat LLC

Our company has worked with Anson (FDS) over a 2 year span and he has continually provided us with exactly what we needed, when we needed it, at the right price point. He is very good at understanding customer requirements and actualizing them. I am happy to be a reference to his work and character.

Craig PiattiDirector at InternshipDesk

Fresh Design is very responsive and knowledgeable! Their understanding of creative marketing and customer’s needs has contributed a great deal to our business. It has been a great experience working with Fresh Design and I will not hesitate to recommend this ambitious marketer to any organizations who is looking for a fresh way of growing business!

Kanittha FayBusiness Manager at Armory House Properties

FDS’s creative work, design skills and professionalism exceeded all of my expectations. From the beginning, they took the time to learn and understand what our business was about, what we needed, and what we wanted. He has an impressive way of creating products that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Thanks!

Kathy WantuchPartner at Hiltz Wantuch & Zanzig LLC

It has been a great experience in working with Fresh Design Studios in developing a new website for our company. Anson was great in communicating with me overall and suggested useful solutions and information that helped out the concept for the website. FDS truly supported our company’s needs in developing the website that provided the proper features that customers in the future will find easy to use. I recommend FDS to any type of business as they really know what they are doing and are very friendly!

Roman ViereDirector

They are unstoppable entrepreneurial always learning the most misunderstood unconventional courageous tech savvy social the millennials

We at FDS believe that millennials will change the way companies communicate with consumers.

With increased resources millennials have had the greatest access to information, more than any other generation before them. This increase in information has created transparency between company and consumer. Millennials have shown an increased interest in the background, sourcing and story behind a company and its products; with the ability to make or break the future of a product. Because of this desire for information, brands are turning to specialized marketing services to create transparency and develop relevance within a changing marketplace.  

How do they view the world?


More than a third of Millennials have chosen to make their bodies their canvas -38% have a tattoo.


Close to half of the on-demand music streamers are millennials


Young Millennials are 40% more likely to spend on alternative medicines


48% of Millennials would like to live in an urban area in the future

Let’s simply talk to find a new way to excite celebrate with build a positive influence for shut up and listen to take a step back and observe have a heart to heart talk with change the world with build something for hang out with talk some sense into the Millennials

Millennials are an incredibly large, diverse, and social demographic of individuals; a one size fits all marketing approach won’t work on them. Their social influence and purchasing power should never be underestimated.

How do we impact your world?

Search Engine Optimization

Building long-lasting top page results

The share send search tweet like download play button is mightier than the sword

In most cases, conversations about your brand and your industry are happening on social media platforms every second. Great brands leverage this user generated content and use it as brand fuel. While their competitors are busy shouting over each other for share of voice, inspired brands focus on a balance of listening and contributing to the dialogue.