Does the Google Ad Certification Exam look like a pain in the butt to you? Read this article if you want to learn how you can pass the test without having to take it what feels like a billion times.

1. Videos! Videos! Videos!

Are you looking at a topic, definition, or sentence and thinking Google why are you doing this to me? Or are you someone who’s crunched on time or just doesn’t feel like reading then watch videos on YouTube. There are hundreds of videos posted on YouTube by men or women in the digital marketing industry that walk individuals through different Google Ads topics. I spent hours looking through the modules trying not to throw my computer out the window. One day, I decided to try a new learning method. Hence, I went to YouTube. After watching numerous amount of videos, I thought to myself, Sophia, why didn’t you do this in the first place? I personally found the videos to be a shortcut, more stimulating, simplified, and informative than reading the Google AdWords materials.

2. Online Study Guides-Google Fundamentals  

Some exams like Google Ads Fundamentals, have study guides online. I didn’t realize this was an option until about three days into studying for the exam. Before using the online study guides I was staring blankly at my computer asking myself what are they talking about?

Reading the Google Ads Fundamental Study Guide helped the material click for me and cleared the massive fog in my head. One thing I liked about the study guide is that it doesn’t throw an overwhelming amount of information at you. It sums up each topic in about a paragraph and lists the key information without using any fancy Google Jargon. The Google Fundamentals Study Guide teaches people about keywords, different types of ads, ad extensions and bidding strategies

3. Google Academy for Ads Modules

If the videos and online study guides aren’t enough then Google Ads provides individuals with a training module. To access these modules all you have to do is search Google Academy for Ads, sign up with a Gmail Account, click on the Google Ads, pick a lesson, and scroll down to where it says Study. This interactive module provides everyone with lesson plans based on what topics and questions in the exams they missed. I used the gadget as a guideline to understand what topics I should study next. This device provides humankind with information by utilizing a scrollable feature with animated figures and dropdown arrows. Most of the modules offered through Google Ads tells a hypothetical story told by an animated person and the steps he or she took to open their store. I would recommend going through each lesson about three times and by then your Google Ads knowledge should be moving in the right direction.  

4. Take Notes

My memory can be like, Dory from Finding Nemo, when it comes to memorizing academic materials. The 23 years of my life has taught me that if I want to pass exams I need to take pages and pages of notes.  I have found that the repetition has helped the material stick in my brain which makes the next step of understanding the materials easier. Take as many notes as you need for the information to stick whether it’s five, twenty, or fifty pages of notes.

The first thing I notice before taking the Google exams is I saw the phrase you need to score eighty percent or more to pass the exams. I thought how the heck am I going to do that? It took me a total of two or three weeks to pass four or five exams. So give yourself time to understand the materials. Like everything in life, it takes lots of practice. Even though YouTube and the online study guide helped me the first, take a step back to figure out which method is beneficial for you.