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Chicago Web Design

Everyone has a website, literally. Some websites get to attract and engage returning guests,Chicago Website Design while some rely on new visitors and random search from search engines. Therefore, many wonder how to keep your websites, as well as your impressions, fresh and engaging. Websites perform as informational centers on your behalf and act as your brands.

If you are not sure about your website, you can find out daily visits and clicks per visitor, which too indicates how popular and engaging your website is. Inactive statistics imply your website is out of date where visitors don’t find any relevant information.

Don’t you worry. We got your back. Here are five tips for you to refresh your business websites.

1. Make Your Website Homepage Interactive

Home Pages are where websites first impress viewers. Outdated websites display buttons and menus for viewers to click. It’s good to give freedom to choose. But they can also choose not to click anything as well.

On the other hand, inserting interactive elements, such as animation, picture galleries, introduction videos, and live social media updates, is an invitation and encouragement to click and continue to browse the site, which enhances user experiences and increases engagement during the visit.

2. Web Design a Consistent Style

Diversity in styles could cost you credibility and cause distraction. Consistency in styles makes websites easier to navigate and helps viewers learn locations of information. Easy navigation also indicates better accessibility of the website as well.

Consistent styles include every little detail on your website, colors, themes, fonts in size, styles and space used, photo size and location, and video quality and length, etc.

3. Update Website Content

The amount of information has increased dramatically due to the increase of websites, blogs and social media. All information is accessible through search engines. So incredible!  But as you have used Google, some results are at the very last page where most of us will not spend the time to go through.

Constantly updating your content to the current trend is crucial. Be relevant to the current news and heated hash tags from Twitter and Facebook. Find a way to relate everyone to your business.

4. Link Website Viewers to Resources

Be thoughtful, helpful and nice. Provide links of related resources that your viewers may be looking for. Why do people Google? It is because they know that Google knows everything and can give them the right directions. Therefore, be the head of resources in your field and link them to websites, tutorials, or even PDF documents.

5. Don’t Forget the Contact Info

Make sure you create a contact page, where viewers can learn about your locations, phone numbers, emails, fax or even social media handles. It increases your credibility, and promotes the accessibility for your services; hence, contact information does encourage interested viewers to reach out to you then you get to learn what their needs are and help them out.

If you have any questions about websites design and engagement, just give us a call at 312-880-9337. We’d love to talk to you.

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