The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually good for your creative branding if at all some of the ideas behind the challenge are followed. It became a sensation after the ALS Association decided to use it as a way of raising some money for their association. One of the reasons as to why they made it is because their creative advertising came from an interesting point of view. The story behind the challenge was inspirational and because they stood out in grabbing the attention of those who heard it, they actually made it. The authenticity of the movement also caught people’s attention earlier on because real people started on it. This started with the CEO of ALS Association who was the first to be challenged. Because of the cause behind the challenge, people got a chance to spread the awareness by undertaking the challenge and posting it on the internet.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was also engaging and fun and all the things that were needed for you to take the challenge could be availed easily. For starters, you only needed a Smartphone, an ice bucket and a social media account. Thinking in a way that will be fun and engaging for your audience is what will determine the success of your brand. Thinking out of the box happens to be one of the ways that your brand will get to be known out there and in the event that there is controversy in the method you have chosen in making known your brand, welcome it. This goes on to provide the perfect opportunity for you to converse with your consumers.

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