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Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tactic to generate leads. According to the Direct Marketing Association, emails generated a ROI of about 4,300% in 2013. Another benefit of using email marketing is that many individuals use email on a regular basis, and it can be very inexpensive. According to a study, over 90% of adult online users use email and about 60% use it on an everyday basis. According to another study, over 50% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes looking through marketing emails throughout the week. In order to generate leads, there are tactics you can use when developing an email marketing lead generation campaign.


When taking on email marketing lead generation, you need to come up with a list of leads. When deciding who to reach, you need to gather a list of leads who have provided their emails or have engaged with your company in the past. These individuals may have filled out a form on your website or have purchased something from your company. In order to get prospective leads to provide their email, you can offer them an email newsletter that has valuable and relevant content. An effective method is segmenting your email marketing lists. This allows you to send the most relevant content at the best time to the right people. In fact, email list segmentation can increase CTR by 5%.

Email Targeting

Subject Line

The subject line is a very crucial section since it can be the only element that people look at when deciding if they should open the email. In order to nail the subject line, it would be helpful to include a benefit and have it be clear and alluring.

email subject line

Email Content

When creating email content, include a call to action that is concise and clear. This can be in the form of buttons, contact info, a link to your website, etc. Another tip is to utilize pictures and images. Including visuals in your emails can make your content stick out. People prefer look at images than words. You can also increase potential email leads by creating contests or giveaways and including it in the emails.

Email Marketing Content

By developing a plan and a strategy, email marketing can be a valuable and helpful tool to generate leads. For help with your email marketing campaign, feel free to look at our email marketing services page.


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