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At Fresh Design Studio, we are founded on the belief that good graphic design not only accurately delivers the message, but also conveys the message in a way that makes our client’s customers believe in the why behind our clients business. Discovering this why behind your business is incredibly important, but even more important is conveying it to your customers, which is where we come in. After being recognized by Clutch as one of the best graphic designers in Chicago, we are incredibly happy to see that helping our clients convey their drive for their business has given them incredible success and satisfaction.

Clutch is a well B2B established ratings and review firm that is headquartered in Washington D.C. Clutch separates itself from the competition by having an incredibly in-depth review process before they release the ratings on each company. This process starts with market research, analysis, and most importantly, concludes with Clutch analysts performing interviews with the clients of the company. The final product of this process is a market informed and incredibly unbiased review of the company. Clutch places a major emphasis on the verified reviews from the clients and this is an inherent reason as to why we are so happy to have been reviewed so highly by Clutch. Fresh Design Studio is proud to say that after Clutch’s process, our profile has achieved 5.0 stars out of 5.0 stars! We would love to share the kind words left by some of our clients below:

“Fresh Design created a brand that gets people to trust us and follow our mission.” – Creative Director, dotGREy Lifestyle

“They developed a product that was beyond our expectations.” – President, First American Metal Corporation



Clutch also has two sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects.

The Manifest is similar to Clutch, but provides potential clients a quick view of the company’s size, location, and services offered, all at a glance. The Manifest also includes an easy to use price comparison tool, in addition to a How-To Guide for using the services of a 3rd party business for clients to use if they wish to employ a 3rd party business found on the site. Check out our profile, ranked 7th on The Manifest’s list of the best E-Commerce developers in Chicago.

Visual Objects is Clutch’s newest sister site, and offers potential clients a quick view of a company in a very different manner than The Manifest or Clutch. Visual Objects accomplishes this by creating a visual portfolio for the past works of each creative company that can be easily viewed by the potential client. Visual Objects has us included us as one of the top web developers on their site and we are incredibly happy with our ranking on all 3 of Clutch’s sites!

Chicago Top E-commerce Developer

Chicago Top E-commerce Developer

Fresh Design Studio is incredibly honored and humbled by our ratings and reviews on Clutch. These ratings and reviews are only possible because we are committed to our values, our work, but most importantly, our clients. Our clients are truly the reason we are ranked so highly on Clutch, and we look forward to continuing our relationships with both Clutch and our clients in order to keep helping others find the why behind their business in the best was possible.