What does it take to get a job in marketing these days?

Marketing has changed a lot in the last five years, and what worked in the past will not always work in today’s job market. Overall, we are seeing people drop their standard resumes, and even LinkedIn pages, to become creative about looking for a job. Remember, you are looking for a job in a very creative and inventive career, so make something that will stick out to land your dream job. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Pull a stunt

Yes, really! We are seeing more creative ways to get your name and resume out there. Customized baby T-shirts, and cereal boxes have all been used in the past to get hiring managers to notice their resumes. You can also hack into the hiring chair’s email and send your information to everyone in the hiring department, if you are willing to take this risk to land the job. Even if you’re crazy stunt doesn’t land you a job, you may get, at least, an interview and your name out there.

  1. Stunts can only go so far

In some companies, crazy stunts and gimmicks just don’t work. In these cases, send them your best work to gain some respect and get some attention. People send their work to the best marketer at the company and beg them to look at their work. This can work to your advantage, although it takes some humility to do it especially if you’re the best in your field. If you really are good, chances are you may have the best marketer in the company talking about you, and you may just land an interview.

  1. Always produce high quality work

No matter what company you apply to, they love to see people working hard for them. The best way to show a company you are hardworking and creative is to be producing work at a good pace that is of high quality. Building a portfolio of work that you are proud of, and that demonstrates your desires and work attitude, will establish your credibility

  1. Solve actual problems

Ad agencies are known to make up random problems that don’t exist, and want the marketing teams to fix them. One of the best examples of these creative problem solving feat is from the company Deutsch where they hired a man who created a LED light installation, which flashes light and plays music when someone pees on the wall to stop people from peeing on public walls.

  1. Always sell yourself

Some companies will get an interview by contacting you on social media like Twitter, Intagram or Tublr. Many marketing companies are now focusing on social media, so your Klout score can be important. Many hiring managers are saying that you need to treat yourself as a brand, and to build your personal brand, and manage it so it matches you and your goals.

We are seeing huge changes in the marketing world, so you need to stay on top of your personal branding. The main thing to remember with personal branding is that if you don’t want the hiring manager to see it, don’t post it.

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