Does the thought of maintaining or creating Google Ads accounts your head spin?

The first month of so of maintaining a Google AdWords account made me stare blankly at my computer. At the beginning I was overwhelmed by all the data, keywords, and advertisements in Adwords. I asked myself if this was gibberish and sometimes questioned my abilities. Slowly, some of the confusion, frustration, and fog has cleared in my head with just a few simple tricks which I will explain throughout the article.

Throughout this report I will use Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core Ice Cream to help me demonstrate ways to increase the CTR rate.  Let’s also say that your client is Walmart. After you read this article, go ahead and treat yourself to a pint of ice cream, assuming your not allergic to dairy. I know, I want to be sitting at my desk and munching on a pint of that chocolatey and delicious cookie dough ice cream.

Why Keywords and Ad Relevant is Essential to Increase CTR Rate

Go back into your ad and take a deeper look at your keywords. Firsts things first make sure to include exact [ ], phrase “ “, and broad match keywords into your search query. It’s essential to make sure your keywords fit consumers needs and aren’t too generic. Meaning the keywords and advertising should list the brand “Ben and Jerry’s” and product “Cookie Dough Ice Cream Core” you’re advertising to ensure that consumers are searching for that product. If your keywords and ads aren’t too generic consumers will exit out of your website because it is not the product they wanted. Let’s say a consumer clicks on an ad and only sees cookie dough chunks, a different flavor of ice cream, or see an advertisement at the wrong store. In the first example, your consumer wanted ice cream not actually raw cookie dough so they find a new advertisement for a different store like Target. In the second example, consumers go to your store looking for that flavor but cant find it. So they hop back in their car and again drive to target.

Improve your Keywords

Your search terms should include the brand and the name of the product to improve CTR rate for that specific product. I also type all keyword variations of the ice cream flavor into the keywords list. Typing in “Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core”, [Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core], and Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Core. Next, I’ll take a deeper look into the product and see what other benefits or key takeaways I could add to the keyword. For example, Ben and Jerry’s makes a few different sub flavors for this product. Some of their sub flavors include Sweet like Sugar, Wake and “No Bake”, and Boom Chocolatta. Just as a quick and random side note, Boom Chocolatta is fun to say “boom chocolatta, boom chocolatta, boom chocolatta”. Sorry for my weird dose of crazy, weirdness and randomness. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little crazy, weird, sweet but can have a bite to me but only when needed.  Now back to talking about Google AdWords.

Improving AdCopy

I mentioned in my last section make sure your information is relevant and correct. Check to make sure the price, url, and benefits are correct. If anything changes make sure to update the ad and change the price so users do not leave your site.  My first suggestion about creating advertisements would be to duplicate advertising and test different methods to see what consumers are searching for. Make sure to take a screenshot or record your ads and the data to test whether or not that ad is efficient. Make sure to include the brand, client, price, and benefits of the ad within your ad copy.