Are you a creator, marketer, or advertiser looking for innovative ways to engage Gen Z or Millennials? Individuals waste hours watching millions of senseless, comedic, and ridiculous videos on TikTok. Some examples of the videos you could see are a video of someone throwing bread at his cat, someone buying what he claimed to be the world’s largest Frappuccino at Starbucks, and a male sitting on a chair of firecrackers. If you want educational, music, or a tv platform than TikTok is not the right app for you. But if you want to hours of videos to laugh at, comment on, or share with friends then you’ll fall in love with TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok targets “creative” individuals between the ages of around 12 to 30 years old. Millions of tweens, teens, and young adults’ comment, watch and search the videos with friends, significant others, or family members.  A plethora of 15 or less second videos is uploaded daily to show everyone’s creativity. TikTok has become a home for individuals wanting to express themselves or show off their humor. Some individuals like using effects like slow motion to add drama to their video. Imagine seeing a video of someone smashing their guitar into a tv screen in slow motion.

Why Should I Use TikTok?

Are you reading this article still thinking why in the heck would I use TikTok to advertise a campaign? Think about your target audience and the goal of your campaign. If you’re trying to target tweens, teens, and young adults than there are over 500 million individuals all in one simple app.

One advantage about utilizing TikTok is you skip a lot of complicated legal regulations that go into placing an advertisement on mediums like television or Snapchat. Also, think about the thousands of dollars it cost to place a Discover Ad on Snapchat. Why pay thousands of dollars if you don’t have too? If you’re a creative, unique, funny individual than you can post content on TikTok for free practically.

Since TikTok is a relatively new app they haven’t created a per se advertisement widget. In other words, social media gurus can go around filming and uploading live content, but no advertisements can be designed or uploaded. Are you reading this still thinking dang girl you sound crazy? What would I use this app or what’s the point? The thing is you can still get your message across but in an unorthodox way.  Millennials and Gen Z’ers love TikTok because it’s an app that encourages self-expression.

My advice to you is if you’re considering using TikTok to promote your agency, good, service than have a unique branding strategy but also be informative. Don’t be afraid to use creativity, have fun, and be unique to show off your brand and employees. If your companies utilize the right strategy than followers will be more likely to comment, share, and follow your agency.  If I was the social media boss lady, I would show TikTok followers a deeper look into who works at my agency. For example, I would show individuals the fun parts of the company, what people’s passion or hobbies are, etc. For example, if you have a coworker who’s an amazing photographer, painter, comedian embrace that side of them. Allow each employee to be their own boss on TikTok.