Logos isn’t all about you and your business. It’s about how this design of logo reminds others of your business and how they could relate themselves to it. At the end, you want a memorable design that people would recognize your brand and business.

You need an outstanding logo to strive in this visually competitive market. In this article, you will find helpful tips and sources for inspirations for your new logo.

1. Learn About Your Audience

It’s impossible to find a shirt that fits everyone. But you can find a shirt that the majority likes. It’s impossible to make one logo that everyone would relate to. But you can design a logo that the majority of your audience would like. Are they a younger crowd? Are they students? or are they more like the serious type?

Different type of people have different preferences in visual arts. Some like creativity while some may like the traditional logo that has the name spelled out. Your logo represents your brand, and it need to be relevant to your audience.

2. Draw Out Your Ideas And Keep The Sketches

Sure you have ideas about what the logo should be and how it is delivered. You should draw the different ideas on a blank sheet of paper. There you can compare your different ideas. These are also experimental logos that you can show your friends and colleagues.

With your ideas drawn out, you will be able to tell what you like and dislike about them.

3. Decide On Typography, Space And Colors

Logos are arts composed of different elements. Elements like typography, space and colors will play important roles on the presentation of your logos.

Apply different elements on the same design to get a good look for your logo. Minor changes make the difference.

4. Make It Last!

Logos need to last. Unlike content that need to be updated frequently for SEO results, logos are meant to last. It’s a tradition within the business. For example, Shell, Coca Cola and Kellogg have kept their timeless elements when they update their logos subtly.

A complete makeover of the logo could imply changes in core values in the business, which could possibly lead to a loss of customers.

5. Don’t Be A Copycat

It’s tempting to look up other logos for inspirations at the initial stage. But don’t copy others! Your reputation would be destroyed and ethnics long lost. Internet is a wonderful place for inspirations. It’s also the place where watchdogs are monitoring copycats. They will hunt you down. Check out Logotheif (http://www.logothief.com). They’ve found the copycats in logos.

Copy cat

Credit to LogoTheif (http://www.logothief.com/2014/skydive-madrid-takes-the-bull-and-the-horns/#prettyPhoto)


So how’s your logo doing? Download this flowchart to check via 



Again, don’t be a copycat. Only get inspired by these good and award-winning logos, don’t copy them.

At last, think outside of the box!

Here are a few websites for your reference and inspirations only:

Logofaves | Award winning logos | Creative Designed Logos | Logo Gallery


If you have any ideas about your logo and not sure how to visualize it, talk to us today and we will give you a hand!


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  1. Ashish Ajani
    Ashish Ajani says:

    This will definitely help a designer to get some amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing I really like the information you shared specially “Draw out your ideas” as I always follow this step before designing any logo. Great work.

    • Fresh Design Studio
      Fresh Design Studio says:

      In this digital world, we often think technology is the solution to everything. Not always the case! Get in touch with your idea with the simplest tools: Paper and Pencil!

  2. FODUU
    FODUU says:

    It is a great article about the logo design and also mention the useful points of how to design a logo more professional. Logo represents our business and its brand. Every business owner looks to make its for brand identity captivating, appealing and unique. Probably the most complete logo design guide I’ve read in a while. Some really good points not covered by other logo design articles. I’m very thankful for you to sharing this valuable post for us.


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