People love to talk about the millennial generation, especially those not a part of our generation. Honestly, I have no idea why people are so obsessed with our generation and when they start to talk about it. I want to break out singing Mariah Carey’s Obsessed and then walk away.  I cringe every time someone says millennial because I know I’m about to hear some stupid stereotypical comment about how entitled, or self-centered, or lazy, or any of the other generalizations we’ve all heard about our generation. But here are a few surprising facts about our generation to fire back with the next time some millennial obsessed person has something negative to say.


Despite being the most educated generation we’ve found it hard to find jobs.

Our generation is the most educated generation, over 63% of us have a bachelor’s degree but still, only 6 in 10 of us have jobs and half of those are part time jobs. Did I mention, 48% of us who graduated from university are working jobs that don’t require us to have a 4-year degree. It gets better, though, our average income is $39,700.00 which is surprisingly not enough for the 1 Trillion dollars in student loans we’re carrying which is why 63% of us know someone who had to move back to their parents. Who knew feeling entitled to an affordable education and a liveable wage was such a bad thing.


We care…like a lot.

Even though our generation isn’t rolling in dough and we feel stressed balancing our work life and personal life we will find a way to help those less fortunate. 81% of millennials have donated money, goods, or services to a good cause. Some 61% of us are worried about the state of the world and personally feel responsible for helping make a difference, even though, most of us haven’t been around long enough to personally affect the world like say some other generations. But honestly, we’re just super self-centered.


We have a business mindset and we will rule the workforce.

In 2014 we made up about 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025 we will make up nearly 75% of the global workforce; we will be a workforce to be reckoned with. Not only will we be taking over the workforce in the next couple of years but we’ve also started taking business into our own hands. 46% of us want to start a business by 2018, 54% either want to start a business or have already started a business and more than a quarter of us are already self-employed. With 35% starting a business on the side to supplement our income. Talk about one lazy generation.