According to Dunnhumby, people nowadays like to stay away from traditions and find new ways to spend their holidays, i.e, more time with friends instead of families, and more time to use social media tools to prepare and share their holidays. Millennials, if you’re feeling panic as the holidays are approaching, either with or without family members, here are some tips to help you survive.

1.Keep the focus off yourself


If you are tired of being asked too many questions and need to somehow be invisible at a big family dinner, just bring a chatty date and let him/her do all the talking. If you can’t find a date, bring up other family members to deter the conversation from yourself. Also, drinking plenty will allow you to excuse yourself from the table and conversation often.




2. D.I.Y gifts


Isn’t it sweet to D.I.Y. a gift for your significant others and give them a special handmade surprise? Not only will you get brownie points for taking the time to hand make a gift but D.I.Y. gifts can be surprisingly cheap. Not that creative to come up with an idea; that’s why there’s Pinterest. Even less creative; that’s why there’s Etsy!



3.Don’t bring up politics


No matter whom you are going to spend the holiday with, friends or relatives, try to avoid the “president” talk. You never know if you have different points of view and you don’t want to ruin the conversation or spend hours arguing in circles.



4. Know everyone else is going through the same thing


You’ll probably spend a good amount of time on social media during the holidays. You’ll see photos of your friends enjoy their vacations with their families. Just remember that social media is often a lie and they are just as miserable as you. Even if they’re not, just believing they are will help ease your pain and suffering.



5. family is always the best holiday gift


Lastly, hanging out with friends is cool, but being with family is always the best. Whether you are going through good or bad times, share them with your family at dinner night and get a hug. They are the ones that will make us feel loved.

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