(CHICAGO, IL, September 20, 2013)  — Fresh Design Studio (freshd1.sg-host.com) has created a whole new online experience for the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. They carefully handcrafted the entire website, and designed the experience to be visually engaging, while still containing all the necessary content. Through their ideas and design, viewers from around the world can experience Chinatown the way it is meant to be.

“The entire website is dynamically designed to be experiential. There isn’t a single dull moment when you are browsing the website. We carefully chose each image and animation, while creating an engaging touring experience” said Anson Wu, Creative Director at Fresh Design Studio. The engaging touring provides the viewers with an enjoyable experience.

The creators of the website wanted to build an experience like no other. Robin Jackson, Lead Designer at Fresh Design Studio said, “We worked to polish each finest detail, and make sure each design experience is handcrafted before releasing it to the public.”

With this newly designed website, the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce can offer many different tours, information and opportunities to tourists, residents and businesses online. Tourists can visit the new website to find Chinese restaurants, Chicago hotels and Chicago events happening around the city. It will provide them with different things to do in Chicago, while showing them many Chicago attractions.

Fresh Design Studio provides a unique comprehension of digital advertising and marketing logic informed by intuitive creative thinking and behavioral economics. Simply put, our FRESH perspective allows us to craft brand messages that stick with your customers long after they power down.


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