(CHICAGO, IL, October 1, 2013)  – Chicago’s annual Social Media Week took off on September 23rd. Our very own Creative Director at Fresh Design Studio, Anson Wu gave a presentation on the social way of Chicago and the importance of a company’s social media reputation.  It was an enlightening speech that provided the audience with very useful tips.

Now that Social Media Week is over, another great week is coming to Chicago. The 3rd annual Chicago Idea Week begins on October 14th.  Hundreds of the world’s brightest thought leaders will flock to town drawing in more than 25,000 attendees.  There will be 25 Talks and 100 Labs about creativity, education, food, science, business and more.

The idea geniuses such as world-renowned chef Mario Batali, award-winning actor Gary Sinise, GE Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing officer Beth Comstack will help the city of Chicago come alive by presenting their own ideas and encouraging millions of others. One of the main topics during the Chicago Ideas Week is The Creative Process.

How does Fresh Design Studios’ creative process happen you may ask? We have a special process.  It all begins with our young design team.  The fresh faces of Fresh Design Studio have millions of ideas bouncing around all the time.  They feed off of each other’s enthusiasm to come up with brilliant ideas.  If they ever hit a mental block, the team helps each other out. Team members send ridiculous Youtube videos to help them make a creative leap.  Second, the team uses the resources they have to always stay up to date.  They constantly research new designs, tools and websites.  They’re always on top of their game when it comes to evolving technologies and social media. Finally, the team’s final secret is to relax.  The brain is most creative when it’s relaxed, so we like to do fun activities to help.  Our most recent outing was on a boat trip on the Chicago River.  We had a wonderful lunch, while sharing ideas and laughing. We’re always coming up with new activities to do next.


What should we do next to help our creative process, your vote counts:

1. Freeze tag through the city of Chicago

2. Dress up as ninjas and play hide and seek in the Monadnock building

3. Create a Parkour video


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