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Is PPC only for e-commerce? Absolutely not! It could attract visitors and turn them into leads, which is called PPC lead generation. You just need advertisement copy, a landing page, and a thank you page.

Advertisement copy kicks off PPC lead generation

PPC lead generation starts with advertisement copy. Identifying the most focused and relevant keywords to use is the priority to gain the right visitors. It’s a good idea to consider long-tail keywords. One tool you can use for keyword research is Übersuggest. “Call-to-action” is another major factor for advertisement copy. Instead of choosing pushy phrases like “Buy now” or “20% off today only” to link visitors directly to shopping pages, it’s smart to build up a relationship with them first. Using “Contact us” or “Get free guide” as Call To Actions, can open a door to all potential customers and give both parties a chance to know each other more. Less pressure and more opportunities. How wonderful!

Here is how an advertisement copy may look like:

advertisement copy example for ppc lead generation

Landing Page turns visitors into leads

After clicking on the advertisement, visitors would come to a landing page. Yes, it is landing page instead of home page, because we want some personal information from them: email, name, cell, etc. Contact info is very valuable info to expand business opportunities. How do you make them willing to give you their private information? Offer something as an exchange! White papers, eBooks, customer guide…anything that can add value to visitors would work. The more valuable the offer, the more information you can ask for, just like a trade-off.

Check out this landing page sample, simple but clear :

landing page example for ppc lead generation

The landing page should have a clear pattern with little distraction, so it emphasizes offers and benefits. Do you want to show the website’s navigation menu to promote your business? No worries! Here comes your chance: Thank-you page.

Thank you page is a perfect place to talk about your business to leads

You can add not only navigation menus, but also customer testimonials, slideshows, or trust seals. Whatever supports your advertising claim and is related to the offer provided would be a good choice here. Since you have already collected visitors’ information and turned them into leads, there is no worry on visitors getting distracted by other contents on the site. You could even add social media buttons for them to connect with you. Of course, don’t forget to provide the offer on this page. That’s the base of everything.

See what you can do on the Thank you page below:

Thank you page example for ppc lead generation

There you go! Getting lead contacts for further follow-up is as simple as that! Now it’s time to dig business value from them. Have fun 🙂 Wanna know more about PPC lead generation on Millennials? Stay tuned for our next blog coming soon. Click here to check out our previous blogs about Millennials while the new blog is on the way.