PPC Common Mistakes

There are common PPC mistakes that people make when creating their first PPC campaign. Before you start your campaign, here are some mistakes that you can avoid to save you time and money.


Common PPC Mistakes: Keywords

One of the PPC mistakes that people make is using only broad match keywords. Using only broad match keywords can lead to wasted clicks and costs. One positive of using broad match keywords is that it can increase the number of clicks your website will receive. If you wish to increase brand awareness, then broad match keywords may be a viable option. It would still be wise to insert some exact match keywords or phrase match keywords. You also need to make sure that you’re adding negative keywords in order to decrease wasted clicks.


Common PPC Mistakes: Conversions

Another common PPC mistake is not tracking conversions. This is especially important when deciding if the cost of your AdWords account is worth the ROI. It’s also important to track conversations to see if there needs to be changes in the ad copy or keyword list. A tip to increase CTR or conversations is to include a call to action in your ad copy.

targeting for conversions

Common PPC Mistakes: Targeting

Another mistake is not using targeting based on geography. People generally have a tendency to go to a local store or shop. When creating ads, you can include a state name or city in the ad. The potential visitor can also know where you are located. It would also be beneficial to use ad scheduling. If you’re creating a call only ad, make sure that you only include the hours when you’re able to pick up the phone.

geo targeting

Common PPC Mistakes: Ad Copy

Another mistake is not including limited time discounts or specials in your ad copy. This can improve your CTR. When you’re creating the ad copy, it would be wise not to lead traffic only to your home page. This can decease your chances of getting a conservation. It is also important to check your AdWords account a few times a week in order to optimize your PPC campaign.


With these tips, you’re now ready to start your PPC journey. Feel free to reach out to us on our PPC services page, if you need help with your campaign.

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