• Arrogant or impersonal

    # When using Social Media Platform for real estate lead generation, care should be taken that you do not come across as arrogant or impersonal as it is the biggest turnoff for the potential customers.

  • Bluff

    # Never publish comments or updates that are inappropriate or misleading. People can easily make out your bluff and once it happens, it cannot be changed. Building your reputation again will take a lot more effort and time and by that time, you will lose your firm footing. Thus avoid indulging in poor judgement as it may have a drastic impact on your business.

  • Over promotion

    # In real estate advertising, promoting business is an important aspect, but the problem occurs when it becomes too much. Over promotion can in fact harm your chances. You can share updates, listings, etc. occasionally, but if you are blowing your trumpet all the time, it can be a put off for your target customers.

  • Going overboard

    # Many times, people indulge in over embellishing of features and sometimes to make it appealing, it is exaggerated. Going overboard with the same can create a problem when the customers realize that what they were expecting in a listing is actually not there.

  • Wrong people

    # Do not allow access to your social media account to wrong people as one negative comment or wrong information can kill your chances. Following the above mentioned do’s and don’ts can help you to plan your strategy for real estate lead generation.