real estate lead generation

With the advent of new digital platforms and technologies, it’s necessary for realtors to find out how to generate leads online that convert. Check out these online marketing strategies to earn as many targeted home buyers as possible with your outstanding digital presence.

Generate Leads by Social Media

  • Facebook

    Try to post two to three images showing different designs of a room in an apartment and let visitors pick the one they like the most. This not only promotes visitor engagement but also points out potential popular interior designs. Real estate activities around your area are also worth sharing. You can even mention some fun things happening currently and link to web pages of your apartment building that’s located in the neighborhood where those activities took place.

    Facebook for real estate lead generation

  • Twitter

    After closing business with clients, get the clients’ e-mails to find their Twitter accounts and follow them immediately. Then you could go through their follower lists and follow everyone you think would be potential clients. It’s best to view their tweets every day and engage with them as much as possible. The goal is to make friends first and then ask for the business. Try your best to get involved in their lives instead of spamming them your services.  A long-lasting business comes from stable relationship.

    Twitter for real estate lead generation

  • LinkedIn

    There are two different types of pages on LinkedIn for your business: Company Pages and Showcase Pages. The Company Page leads to your real estate website while the Showcase Page leads to specific landing pages like “about” pages or blog pages. You could set up several Showcase Pages to promote your blogs or special offers you want the audience to know.

    LinkedIn for real estate lead generation

Generate Leads by Your Own Website

  • Video

    One picture is worth a thousand words, and one video is worth a thousand pictures. People love visuals, especially in real estate searches. Adding videos to your website is an essential marketing strategy for real estate lead generation. By creating a short film with interior designs and neighborhood views of your apartment buildings, people could get an intuitive sense of living in the apartment. 

  • Social Proof

    Showing reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients on your website is a great idea. Keep everything short and focused, which includes video and copy. You just need them to say why they choose you, what problem you helped them solve, and how satisfied they were with your services. Less is more. Concise is powerful. 

  • App

    Having your own branded app is definitely a plus for your website. Once people download your app, you can send them automated notifications for new listings, price reductions, and open house information. Since the message shows up in their notification area, the chances they see it are much higher than with email marketing.

website for real estate lead generation

It’s time to generate more leads for your real estate brand. Let Fresh Design Studio help you out!


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