Making a website is not so difficult any more with all the tools you can learn and use online. But creating a functional and sustainable website is the goal. As mentioned, websites will become more personal and detailed to information. Therefore, the traffic to your website will prove if your websites are being helpful to your audience via your websites.

Designing a website that enhances user experience is extremely important. However, you need to understand your audience first. Demography, media time window, interest, and a lot more. How would you find out? Traffic tracking and analytical tools!

Google Analytics

It’s the most popular analytic tool at the moment. It’s also a plug-in application in some CMS like WordPress, which is very convenient. It gives most of the information you need to understand the visitors at your site, such as referer and their geographic location. It allows up to 50 site profiles, with each has less that 5 million page views monthly.

But Google Analytics’ tracking code sometimes is blocked, which means some users and traffic would not properly recorded. This could lead to false report of websites.


This heat map indicates where and what gets the most clicks among visitors.

Crazyegg’s heat map indicates where and what gets the most clicks among visitors.

Well, this one is not free. But if you want to learn viewer behaviors on your websites, definitely try Crazyegg.

For example, the endless scrolling is one of the website design trends in the past years. However, not everyone will keep scrolling. There you want to learn where viewers actually pay attention to and where they lost interest. And with the heat map and click-tracking overlays, you can eliminate the least clicked buttons and content. Crazyegg will help you make better websites by studying their behaviors on your websites.

IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management (Formerly Coremetrics)

IBM bought Coremetrics, the highest rated web analytic tool by TopTenReviews.

Like Google Analytics, it also transforms collected data into different forms for better comprehension over the websites, featuring the continuous optimization dashboard. It also help companies monitor their online campaigns and programs by it’s solid web analysis.

Its outstanding costumer services also won trust from many corporations. According to TopTenReviews’ comparisons among analytic tools, it makes the most out of the collected data and shares insightful details.


Webtrends is more than a tool; it’s a package of services. It aims to enhance customer experience, increase conversion, and grow revenues.

Especially in the past decade, websites have grown to be a tool in online marketing. Webtrends is specifically designed and made for companies who targets online consumers and audience. It uses the collected data to analyze your consumers before it helps create campaigns targeting them. Hereby, it achieves its goals in increasing conversion rate and growing revenues for the companies.

It offers different services to best suit your needs for your business.

Adobe Marketing Cloud (formerly known as Omniture)

Omniture was acquired by Adobe for $1.8 billion in 2009. It’s a comprehensive set of marketing solutions, including analytics, campaign, experience management,media optimizer, social media monitoring and targeting.





Which web analytic tool do you use to understand your viewers and customers and design a better website?