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A few weeks ago, a client jokingly asked us to comment on what websites are going be like in 10 years. At the time I told them, at the pace that digital marketing is going, no one knows!
This question has been following me for a few weeks, and I thought I would give it my best guess. So here are the 3 predictions I have for websites in the year of 2024, if websites still exist that is.

Authentic Content Trumps Award-Winning Screenplay

As more and more people have access to building their own websites, we will start seeing more and more websites built to express ideas, individual opinions and stories. We will value websites less and less if they are only built to sell and promote products.

The End of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not too long ago, with keywords and tags, you can enhance your ranking on Google within weeks. With the latest Google algorithm update, Google is putting its weight on website structure, credibility, content originality and back-links. In the future, this algorithm will be much more integrated and take into account social media coverage, reviews, press links, store hours, and maybe even the amount of tax you paid last year.

The Beginning of Artificial Intelligence Websites

As software gets smarter and data gets more robust, the websites we can build become more personalized online platforms. Imagine an intelligent website that could configure and re-distribute content just to fit your profile and preference. We are not saying just responsive layout or Facebook integration. I think websites will respond to your device, weather, mood, location, network speed, time of the date and more. Literally, no one sees the same website twice.


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