Since the internet has been introduced, there are many amazing changes has been seen in web design trends. That chain is still on and just like 2013 you are going to see new trends of web design in 2014 also. These trends will make websites much better and useful to gain better response from visitors. Check bellow that which new trends you can see in 2014. Maybe some of them have occurred, but you have never considered them.

1. Crazy, Sexy, Cool Stuff 

What do you think about running an entirely animated by using parallax scrolling technique? I know this will be a different, but great experience for you. You may see few websites on the internet that will come with fully animated graphics and newer features as parallax scrolling. It is a great concept which will add a new trend in web designing field. This method is cool and amazing. I have seen a website based on Highway-One-Roadtrip. It is prepared by using crazy, sexy, cool stuff, but the main attraction of this site is, its parallax scrolling technique.

2. Long Scrolling Sites

People, who are frustrated of changing website’s pages, they are now going to see long scrolling websites again. Before few years, long scrolling sites were in trend, but these sites were replaced by new short page websites. By the way in 2014 you are going to have some long scrolling sites with much better content format and user-friendly representation of data.

I have seen many long scrolling sites in last few months, and I realized that the trend is significantly changing in web design. These websites are quite different from their old version because they are coming with new layouts and perfect graphical representation.

3. Videos In Place of Text 

Capture - Video replace text( to the expected trend in web design, you will see many websites with videos or flash on place of content. Hence many people prefer watching videos about their seeking things instead of reading content. You will get many websites with videos. Whatever you will like to know in that website, they will acknowledge you through the videos. You can also see websites with videos and text. It will be on your choice that which kind of way you prefer to know. This change in the web design trend will reduce complexity of learning and understanding new things.


Among all these three likely trends of 2014, I have as the parallax scrolling website too much. I have seen the tobi’s story site and realized that how creative it is. This website opens features with the help of animations. It is quite easy to operate and use. With the second attempt of long scrolling websites, people are going to enjoy the web surfing with such wonderful trends in web designing. Videos are coming on the place of web contents to reduce people’s web surfing time. You can also see some flash images on place of content as available in wiki answer.

To be continued…We will wrap up more fresh trends coming to next mint!

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