Technology is changing continuously especially in web design sector. Every year new trends are coming in this field, and they are offering exciting changes in web design technology. Here you will get details on some brilliant changes of web design trends in 2014. I am sure; you will get that how many trends are changed till now and what you can see in upcoming days. So, read bellow the expected web design trends in 2014:

Non-boring typography (bevisionare)


1. Non-boring Typography

 In 2014, you can expect to have a non-boring typography because expert designers are trying to bring out some interesting ways of type. In this area, you can expect to have a new trend called “fonts with personality.” These fonts will feel like you have never seen before. The experimenters are trying to introduce some new font designs in the new way.


Capture - Flat Design (Fit in Stand out)

2. Flat Design

It was expected in the last year that Apple will bring some significant changes in its cell phone models and designs. But in 2014 apple has developed iOS version and brought sparkling iOS7 with aesthetic design. Almost people in the world call it the flat design. It is called the most improved handset version of iPhone and now available in the market for purchase.

3. Large Hero Areas Quickly Killing Sliders

Capture - Large Hero (baystreetbiergarten)

You can consider it as the number 1 trend in web design in 2014. These days every website is using the large hero areas, in which they mainly show useful images or company name in sparkling fonts. More and more websites are adopting this trend and trying to improve their impact on their visitors. In every real estate business website, you will see it with charming images of properties.


4. Manipulated Imagery

Capture-Exposure (Manipulated imagery)In 2014, you will get useful tools to manipulate images. I mean to say you will be able to edit images according to your needs. It is expected to get images as overlays, indistinct images, which will come with filters. This year is going to be an incredible year in which plenty of significant trends will be seen in web design. Image manipulation is one of them.


5. Simple Color Schemes

Capture Simple color (fds)It is well known fact that colors play a vital role in making a website attractive, but in 2014 trends are changing. You are going to see many simple websites on the internet. Off course, those websites will come with excellent graphic quality, but they will use only one or two colors. The designers may choose only one color as the main color and one for the hue. You may see some famous color combinations in websites like black and white and blue with black.



All these trends are expected to see in year 2014. Well, you can also check the changes arrived in web design sector till now and which are about to come. For sure these trends will be amazing in web designing field and make some significant changes. For sure you are going to experience many better things in 2014.

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