When beginning a new website project, you can feel overwhelmed seeing how much to do in so little time. Relax! Here are some steps to make sure your website project runs smoothly and on time.

First off, set the scope. Make sure everything you need to do is defined in the scope. This means you need to understand every objective written down, so you can keep track of everything that needs to be completed.

Second, determine what people, equipment and money you will need to finish the website project. You will be the one assigning the tasks to people, so make sure that those people are able to complete the objectives based on the equipment and money they are provided.

Next, create a timeline. I personally love to use Gantt charts. Look at when the client needs the website project to be completed, and make sure the team members will have enough time to complete each task assigned to them. Things happen, so the timeline may need to be adjusted as the website project moves on, but be sure to communicate that to the client and the workers.

Then, list out all the steps that need to be completed by the end of the website project. This means break the website project down into big and little tasks. Here, is when you want to put the tasks in order, and assign them to team members.

Finally, monitor the tasks to make sure everything will be completed on time. If a member falls behind, make sure to notify the whole team and the client. Never leave anyone in the dark. Always be in constant communication.

The key to website project management is to stay organized and connected. As long as you make sure you do these two things, the project will be a success.

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