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Before you start reading this post, you will have to excuse my over-generalization of millennials and their generation and oversimplification of American politics. So if you are reading this for political science or social science, maybe you should skip this one.

It is no secret that the majority of Millennials are feeling the Bern! In Iowa Bernie Sanders carried 84% of the vote for 17 to 29 age group and 83% of the vote in New Hampshire in the same age group. It is hard to ignore that the majority of Millennials in this nation are currently siding with Bernie Sanders over other presidential candidates. Not many of us saw this coming, maybe not even Bernie himself.  Here are the top 3 reasons, I think why millennials are supporting Bernie Sanders.

1.The Right Timing for Millennials

Milleniual bernie sanders basketball

Millennial Bernie Sanders basketball

The Millennial generation is the most educated generation in American history.  They entered the workforce during the housing bubble, and witnessed millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes, while corporations were getting bail-out money and CEO’s received millions in bonuses. With student loans averaging $30,000 and low paying entry-level jobs, they are not satisfied with how the government is dealing with increasing wealth gap.

If Bernie would have came at a time when the income inequality was less severe, he might not have be as loved by his young supporters. Yes, he might be a democratic socialist, but maybe he is just what we need right now. At least that’s what millennials are thinking.

2. Millennials Love The Authenticity

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders Authenticity

Bernie sanders Authenticity

This is the digital age and millennials who live and have grown up in the U.S. have seen more ads compared to  when their parents were growing up. They have developed a pair of skeptical lenses when it came to advertising and political propaganda.

You can compare Bernie to any candidates, he is as authentic as a politician can get. From the way he dresses to the way he talks, Bernie doesn’t pretend to be someone else to please the crowd. Millennials love that about Bernie.

Bernie Sanders authenticity

Bernie Sanders authenticity

3. The Values not the Perks are what is Important to Millennials 

Millennials Love Bernie Sanders value

Bernie Sanders value

Despite growing up in economic downturn, most millennials display optimism for their future. More importantly, they not only believe they themselves will have a better future, but everyone else in the country will share in a better future.

Bernie Sanders might be an idealist for some people, but from the perspective of millennials’ he is a visionary. He doesn’t promise perks and tax cuts, but he stays true to giving this country a better future.

Whether you agree or disagree with Bernie’s idea, it’s hard to deny the millennial monument behind this candidate.  

The most important things of all, if you are feeling the Bern get out and vote and even if you are not get out and vote! It is your right! 

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