Brand Identity Design

Your logo is your organization’s fingerprint. Unless it’s unique and easily identifiable as you, it’s hard to get people to remember it or even associate with it. When you think of strong brands like Nike and FedEx, the brand identity logo jumps to your mind in the blink of an eye. So if that’s true about those organizations and businesses, shouldn’t it be true about yours too? Your logo is the genesis of your wider brand identity. Your logo will determine the colors your organization adopts, the type of fonts and imagery you use in your other branded materials and so on. If your logo is weak and poorly designed and executed, it hurts the entire branding process downstream. Our design team has designed dozens of logos for a wide variety of businesses in various industries so we understand what a logo can achieve for your business. Whether you have an existing logo or need a new one designed, we have the design and branding experience to deliver what your organization needs. Check out our portfolio [here] to view some of our logo designs or contact us at 312.880.9337 or to discuss how to create a brand identity that will find a home in the hearts of your customers.


Fresh Design Brand Identity Design Process

  1. The discovery process involves identifying the specific needs of the client and the sort of outcomes they anticipate.

  2. Understanding the target market and specific business takes center stage next where we take time to understand who will be viewing the logo and what their expectations are of your brand.

  3. The next step involves projection of new designed elements in collaboration with the client.

  4. Once the projection plans are approved we then create and design new art elements incorporating all the client’s ideas within reasonable scope.

  5. The final product launching is then undertaken and project evaluation scheduled to ensure top quality results.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Brand Identity Design?

Fresh Design has years of experience helping clients renew brands with new logos and its associated designs. Our design and branding philosophy has helped us create logos and brand identities for diverse organizations. To embark on the next chapter of your organization’s brand identity, please call or email us at 312.880.9337 and [email protected] respectively.


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