Brochures & Flyer Design

Marketing materials are an important aspect of the marketing process, reflecting the brand image and character of the organization. When it comes to brochures and flyers, getting the brand consistency right is central to ensuring every effort you make in marketing is not undercut by poor marketing materials. So supposing your organization is thinking of doing some brochures and flyers and you decide you’ll just do them in-house. Some MS Publisher later, you have some template-looking brochures and flyers ready for distribution. What this says to everyone who gets it is that you aren’t serious either about marketing or grabbing their attention. A brochure and flyer must talk eloquently on behalf of your business because that’s all the customer has, not your star marketing director. So, if the design and message in your flyers and brochures are so important, why not leave them to the pros? Why punish that poor guy in IT by asking him to come up with stuff he has zero experience creating? Work with us instead. We know design and we know brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral very well. We’ll design you something so gorgeous and engaging, even you will want to call yourself. So give us a call on 312.880.9337 or email us at and let the pros do what they do best.


Fresh Design Brochures & Flyer Design Process

  1. Discovery: The discovery phase involves determining the goals and the message that will drive the campaign and reflect your business objectives.

  2. The next step involves understanding the target audience and segmenting customers to generate content and material that is relevant to specific segments.

  3. Projection of new designed elements is next where we undertake the plan of action for developing the materials required.

  4. We then create and design all associated materials, including but not limited to the brochures and flyers, among other marketing collateral materials.

  5. A project review of the products is then undertaken with the client to evaluate and determine overall outcomes.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Brochures & Flyer Design?

Fresh Design has a fully-fledged design department that has extensive experience designing and developing marketing collateral, including but not limited to flyers and brochures for businesses in various industries. Our experience in helping clients renew brands with new logos and its associated materials has been a core part of our business for years. To get started on your next marketing materials project, please contact us today on 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected] to speak with one of our customer relations executives.


Contact us today on let the pros help you harness the power of Brochures & Flyer Design

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