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From leading rental management companies to top-rated developers, our goal is to help you succeed in any competitive real estate market.

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Why choose FDS for market your next real estate development project?

  • REAL ESTATE MARKETING: experience and innovation

    Years of experience in real estate marketing combining with a passion for digital technology, our team produces result-driven and cost-effective campaigns for a variety of real estate projects


    Our marketers make sure your curb appeal extends beyond the city block. Taking full advantage of digital media and outdoor advertising, your real estate development can inspire a lifestyle

  • Specialized Real Estate Web and Graphic Designers

    Our graphic designers specialize in real estate marketing and understand the importance of each architectural element and the marketable amenities for your properties.

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What can we do for your real estate projects?

When it comes to your brand, there is no what; there is only why. Why do you sell what you sell? Why is it different from anything else on the market? And most importantly, why should your customers care? At Fresh Design Studio, we unite the core values of your brand. We create brands that promote engagement with customers by going beyond the logo to express a single and focused identity.

We develop, expand and express the personality of your brand. Our experience, perspective and versatility with brand development allow us to instill confidence and loyalty with your customers. Our strategy for crafting brands reflects the belief that your brand is what your product stands for and what your customers understand your company delivers. That’s our “why.” We’re here to figure out yours.

Above everything else, your product’s package design provides a brand education for customers. Packaging must communicate the essence of the product. It must be relevant to the customer to catalyze an emotional connection between the product and the purchaser. And it must stand out from the competition on the store shelf.

Fresh Design Studio brings strategic thought and innovative design to packaging. The colors, the fonts, the legibility, and the feel of the package all matter because your package design is often the only brand signifier that customers experience while making a purchase. If it’s going to go from the store shelf to the shopping cart, it must align with customers’ conception of the brand. It’s all part of the education process

Your website is the hub for all your marketing efforts, the device that builds consumer confidence in your brand. At Fresh Design Studio, we meld strategy and design to create a compelling experience for your customers. We develop award-winning, user-friendly websites that convert visitors to purchasers.

From responsive ecommerce sites to engaging above-the-fold landing pages, our design approach is practical, yet thorough. Customization, yet manageable. Keep in everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’re also obsessed with providing results that surpass our client’s expectations. We identify the key elements of your brand personality to develop a website specifically designed to highlight what’s important for the brand and consumers.

Banner ads. Rich media. Search engine optimization. Social media. Email marketing. The online marketing world is a complicated arena. At Fresh Design Studio, we execute online marketing plans that deliver exceptional results. We offer the expertise and insight to tell our clients where their brand needs to be in the online realm to create the largest impact with customers.

Online marketing is big. It’s ability to connect brands with customers continues to grow. We’ve been optimizing online campaigns for nearly a decade. Let us be your guide.

Fresh Design Studio’s award-winning design team imbues your marketing collateral with your brand’s personality, resulting in visually stunning work that effectively positions the brand and supports your sales efforts. We produce all forms of printed media, including annual reports, letterheads, visual aids, brochures, and catalogs, all designed to communicate confidence to shareholders, clients, prospective buyers, and returning customers.

From inception to manufacturing to marketing, you’ve got questions about how to successfully launch a product. What are the best ways to raise awareness and create a buzz with consumers? How can we leverage digital and social media to connect with potential customers? How do we support our sales team to increase distribution?

We have the experience and solutions to take your product from concept to completion and ensure that it enters the marketplace with a resounding bang. Fresh Design Studio’s approach to product launches is an integrated one: we evaluate the product, then approach the appropriate trades to support your sales force thus boosting distribution. We then market to consumers across traditional and digital platforms, increasing awareness of the product’s launch.