Creative Discovery

Creativity is not a monopoly and sometimes, you just need some extra creative juices flowing to find a way to move forward on a particular initiative. This is especially the case when it comes to creativity-intensive stuff like branding, website re-design, logo development, marketing strategies and so on. Fresh Design has a long history of helping clients crack very difficult creativity nuts when push came to shove so we know a thing or two about this. Creative discovery is where we undertake brainstorming sessions with you that combine our creative minds and yours to figure out a way out of the creative stalemate you may be facing. Whether it’s trying to come up with a fresh new website, or a social media campaign that delivers better results or you simply are wondering whether a new logo will do the trick, give us a ring today on 312.880.9337 and let’s sit down and exchange ideas and generate new thoughts and angles. We are positive you won’t leave empty handed or disappointed.

Fresh Design Creative Discovery Process

  1. Creative discovery is all about finding new ways at looking at existing challenges. So our first step in the process is to first know where you are and what challenges you are facing.

  2. The next step involves analyzing the creative problem within the context of your business objectives.

  3. The actual brainstorming sessions then kick in where we exchange ideas and insights and generate new ideas and concepts. Valid and viable ideas are documented and earmarked for further discovery.

  4. We then craft an action plan based on those expanded ideas that tackle the initial challenges with predictable and measurable outcomes.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Creative Discovery?

At Fresh Design, we don’t think outside the box; there’s no box. That’s the sort of free-spirited culture we have at Fresh Design. Our creativities come up with nonlinear and non-conventional solutions to even the trickiest creative challenges our clients face. It’s not that we are bragging but we just think we are that good. Don’t believe us? Give us a ring on 312.880.9337 and let’s schedule a sit down, we promise it will be worth your while.

Contact us today on let the pros help you harness the power of Creative Discovery

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