Enterprise Web Application Development

Sometimes your business just grows too large for paper transactions and simple web tools. What you need is an enterprise web application, and we are great at building those. Enterprise web applications are any applications that are built to help organize enterprise-level business operations and that run on the web. If you’ve ever used Amazon online, that’s an enterprise web application at work. Web applications differ from websites in that they run as any software product would run but with the only difference being they are hosted online, or in the cloud. These are complex and highly technical systems that no regular web development firm can undertake. Fresh Design isn’t any regular web development firm. We have a well-developed engineering department that has the experience and skills to build these complex platforms and systems. Whether you are a retailer or a chain of restaurants, we understand software development from a fundamental business perspective, putting us in a unique position to help you automate your business for greater efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. To schedule a consultative meeting with our head of enterprise services, please call as on 312.880.9337 or email us at info@freshds.com today.


Fresh Design Enterprise Web Application Development Process

  1. We first determine the goals and desired outcomes of the project.

  2. The next step involves extensive research into the most appropriate and effective methods to approach and realize these goals. This involves looking for the most appropriate technology, development method, and hosting and deployment platform and so on.

  3. Our design and development teams will then create early prototypes of the software and work with you to ensure it has all the functionality aspects required.

  4. On successful prototyping, we will then launch and test the minimum viable product among a small group of target audience and client associates.

  5. With the client go-ahead, we launch the final product on the live environment and schedule routine tracking of performance.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Enterprise Web Application Development?

The best web development teams focus more on problem solving than on technology aspects. We are such a firm. Our understanding and experience in building and layering websites also comes in handy in ensuring the end results are the best possible fit for your organization’s needs. To find out more, please call us on 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected] today.

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