Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing and advertising is one of the oldest means of direct marketing that still works great today. Direct mail marketing refers to sending marketing materials such as catalogues, brochures or other advertising circulars to certain demographics through the postal mail system. The effectiveness of such campaigns is determined by the sort of merchandising information sent and the appropriateness of the demographic at the receiving end. At Fresh Design, we understand direct mail campaigns because we’ve been conducting them for a number of years. Some firms will just tell you to send as many units as possible to as many people as possible and sooner or later, someone will respond. We don’t subscribe to this sort of approach. Ours is a more methodical and systematic approach. If direct mail is what will work for your business then it must be crafted with best practice in mind. It follows then that the content must be top notch, the design must be awesome; the scope of the message must be specifically crafted for the reader and so on. Don’t leave anything to chance, contact us today on 312.880.9337 to work with folks who know the market and who know the business.

Fresh Design Direct Mail Campaign Process

  1. The first step in crafting a direct mail campaign is to conduct a needs assessment. This determines a perfect campaign-message-demographic fit for the business.

  2. Finding out your target audience is next. We have to take time at this step because direct mail campaigns only succeed where proper segmentation based on criteria such as age, income, location, profession, purchasing habits and so on are incorporated. We may also build and manage a contact list at this stage if necessary.

  3. We then pick the most effective mailing platform, and design the template and other elements for the campaign.

  4. The campaign is then executed with a go-ahead from the client.

  5. Post launch, we periodically evaluate the campaign to discover any performance issues, which helps us keep improving the campaign going forward.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Direct Mail Campaign?

Direct mail marketing is only as effective as the message-market fit. If the message is reaching the wrong market, no results will be achieved. In order to deliver the best result, Fresh Design will customize the campaign based on market segmentation criteria such as age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc. to ensure the message reaches the right market. Call us today on 312.880.9337 and let’s talk about your next direct mail campaign.


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