Email Marketing

Behind this simple and obvious sounding term lies a powerful marketing force that generates leads and business for millions of businesses across the globe. But before we dash off to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, let’s first talk a bit about what email marketing is and what it isn’t. Email marketing is the direct marketing of a commercial message to a group of persons within a target market using electronic messages, aka email. In fact, any email you send to a potential or existing customer that contains a commercial message can be termed as email marketing. However, that’s where the simplicity ends. Effective email marketing is the deliberate, methodic and measurable sending of marketing emails with the specific goal of eliciting a very predictable and quantifiable outcome from those messages. So email marketing is about sending commercial messages to potential customers but it isn’t sending out messages to as many people as you can with the hope that someone will bite. In fact there’s a name for that, it’s called spamming. So the difference between spam and effective email marketing is the experience, skills and professional ethics of the digital marketing firm. Effective email marketing involves developing a compelling narrative to share, adding tracking and action-oriented elements to the emails, targeting the emails to the groups that would find that message most relevant and actionable and finally constantly refining and iterating the email message, design, format and target group using A/B testing and other multivariate testing methods to get that right fit. Others call it marketing, we call it art. To find out more about our email marketing art, erm, methods, please contact us at 312.880.9337 or to speak with one of our friendly customer relation executives.

Fresh Design Email Marketing Process

  1. We first determine the goals of the campaign and the sort of message you want to communicate to potential customers. This involves understanding your business, target market and general marketing tone and direction.

  2. The next step involves discovering the target audience and creating a segmented and detailed contact list. Managing this contact lists is also undertaken, which involves cleaning up the list, continually refining segmentation based on feedback and analytics and so on.

  3. Working closely with you, we craft beautiful and engaging email templates based on the best responsive conversion-centric design standards, set up the email marketing platform and analytical tools to ready for the live campaign.

  4. Once the campaign goes live, we continually track and evaluate multiple elements and metrics of the campaign to discover ways and means to improve the campaign effectiveness going forward.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Email Marketing?

Here at Fresh Design Studios, email marketing is a form of art, a beautiful and effective way of communicating our clients’ value prepositions to their customers. We craft detailed and well intentioned messages and campaigns that add value to the recipients and give them something to think about. If that’s the sort of approach to email marketing that makes you nod your head in agreement, give us a call today on 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected] today.

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