Interactive Strategy

Designing and deploying a strategic marketing plan is an over-simplified reference to a two-step process that entails much more. Most marketing strategies rely heavily on defining and creating an interactive strategy. By definition, an interactive strategy is an integral aspect of the overall marketing strategy that involves addressing issues such as channel choice, design aspects that suit various channels, technology and outreach constraints within the overall plan, usability aspects including UI and UX design, among other issues. Most digital marketing agencies approach marketing initiatives with a pipe mentality, where the wider the pipe and the more the content, the better the results. We understand that there are multiple nuances that go into crafting a marketing plan, and of great importance is ensuring the actual interactive elements of the campaign are aligned with the overall goals of the campaign. We achieve this with attention to detail and a maniacal devotion to getting the details right before launching a campaign. Don’t leave the success of your marketing plan to chance, work with us to lock down all angles of your marketing plan and ensure the audiences you want to reach are indeed reached, engaged and converted into warm leads for your organization. Call us today on 312.880.9337 to take this next step towards a successful marketing campaign.


Fresh Design Interactive Strategy Process

  1. Our interactive strategy service starts off with a discovery process where we determine the existing message, media and business objectives of the client.

  2. We then mine and discover possible target markets for the message. This is an important step as it allows us to profile and understand these audiences with regards to the media channels they use, technology they access it through, and so on.

  3. Our next step involves discovering and doing research on all available digital platforms for the campaign.

  4. Creating customized strategies for the different platforms then follows with substantial attention paid to the various interactivity elements of each platform and how these will influence the marketing campaign.

  5. This process culminates in creating an action plan to address all the interactivity aspects discovered in the previous step. These are then incorporated into the marketing plan.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Interactive Strategy?

Our extensive experience in both mobile and web advertising gives us a good handle on what works for each and also makes us great at combining the two. It’s hardly the case that something that works for the web will work for mobile, or something that works for print will work for the web. That’s why you need to have an interactivity strategy when getting ready to launch a cross-media marketing plan. We can help you with that. Give us call at 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected] to find out more.

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