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Landing pages and microsites are an integral part of online marketing that boosts your online presence and search engine results. Landing pages are destination pages for particular keywords and online marketing and advertising campaigns that are optimized for campaign-specific content. Built and designed as a natural progression of, for instance, a display advert, a landing page is specifically optimized to convey the visitor further down the conversion funnel. There are two types of landing pages; transactional landing pages and informational landing pages. Transactional landing pages contain a particular action that the visitor is encouraged to take. This could be buying something, signing up, adding their name to the database or any other action-based step. Informational landing pages offer information that is specific to the traffic origin. For instance, clicking on a banner advert will take you to a landing page that expounds what is in that banner ad. Both types of landing pages are built with the singular purpose of lead generation or cultivation.

Microsites on the other hand are dedicated slimmed-down websites that address a very narrow band of information. A microsite is typically characterized by having either its own root domain or its own subdomain on the parent domain. Microsites can be referred to as special purpose vehicles to address a particular topic, campaign or product. For instance, if an organization is organizing a conference, they may opt to create a microsite with information that is purely relevant to the conference, something the main website cannot achieve.

Landing pages and microsites are especially useful if you do not want to bloat your main website with information that expires quickly or if you want to build a campaign around one particular event or product without having to build out the same content for the rest of your website. We can help you figure out what works best for your organization and help you build a landing page or microsite that rocks. Give us a buzz at 312.880.9337 or shoot us an email at [email protected] to speak with a customer relations executive today.


Fresh Design Landing Pages & Microsite Process

  1. Landing pages and microsites are content-centric so our first step involves determining the goals and type of message for the campaign and organization.

  2. The next step involves understanding your brand and current website. This gives a lead on the type of voice, content types and structure to use.

  3. We then analyze your target audience and customer segments to better understand the sort of narratives they respond to.

  4. The technical phase now kicks off with the development of the new website that involves both visual (design) and background (coding) aspects. This phase can be broken down into the following steps:

    • Create & design websites and associated artworks

    • Programing using WordPress, or requested CMS;

    • Final product launching

    • Periodic project evaluation and results tracking

Why Choose Fresh Design for Landing Pages & Microsite?

At Fresh Design, we believe a great landing page or microsite has the potential to boost brand awareness and engagement. Our deep experience designing and building websites as well as our digital marketing acumen comes in handy when it comes to building landing pages and microsites for our clients. To find out more about how landing pages and microsites can work for you, call us today on 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a meeting with one of our customer relations executives.


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