Lead Generation PPC Campaign

Lead Generation PPC

Our PPC services can give you the instant boost of leads from day 1 with high ROI

  • Top-rated client service team
  • Insightful keyword research and discovery
  • Highly engaging ad copies creation
  • Weekly optimization to maximize your ROI
  • Conversion focus landing page with high quality score

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Why do you need search engine marketing?

  • Increased Visability

    Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a broader Internet marketing term that covers both SEO and paid online advertising. Search engines index billions of web pages every day and trying to get your website to show to your potential clients can seem like a lost cause. But SEM changes that. SEM is combining the organic powers of SEO with the non-organic reach of paid digital advertising. We’re talking about PPC. PPC or Pay Per Click are all the ads you see on Google, Bing or Yahoo when you search for something.

  • Targeted Ads

    You’ll find these ads tucked into every nook and cranny of search engine results page to get you to see them and click on them. The most ingenious part is that the ads that show up are usually relevant to the search you made. This are called targeted ads. So take a minute to think about it, if your business’s ads showed up whenever your potential clients search for terms related to your business, wouldn’t you have a pretty great chance that they’d click on your ad and head over to your website? That’s the genius of PPC.

  • winning combination

    So when you combine SEO, which is organic Search Engine Marketing, and PPC, what you get is a winning combination that puts your website front and center whenever anyone searches for any terms related to your website. Now that’s a great one-two knockout!

PPC Lead Generation

PPC Lead Generation Campaign Process

  • Research
    We spend time understanding the client business.
  • Keyword discovery
    We find relevant keywords that within client’s budget
  • Landing page optimization
    We focus on landing page optimization to make sure to get a high quality score.
  • Ad copywriting
    We use ad copywriting and display ad design to attract the most eyeballs and traffic.
  • Ad group creation and ad deployment
  • Social Bookmarking
    We use effective Social Bookmarking practices to generate high quality links.
  • Monthly tracking and book marketing

Standard Packages for PPC Lead Generation Campaign

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General InfoStarter PackageBusiness PackageCorporate package
Advertisement Budget$100 – $3,000/month$3,001 – $10,000$10,000 +
Monthly Management FeeMin $350 or 20% of Monthly Spending whichever is higherMin $550 or 18% of Monthly Spending whichever is higherMin $800 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is higher
Advertising NetworkGoogle Adwords, Google ShoppingGoogle Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedinGoogle AGoogle Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin
Keyword ResearchYesYesYes
Target audience profile studyYesYesYes
Lead Generation StrategyYesYesYes
Text Ad copywritingYesYesYes
Dynamic ad generationYesYesYes
Smart Keywords Input100 Keywords300 KeywordsUnlimited keywords
Lead ROI TrackingYesYesYes
Landing Page Optimizationa la carteYesYes
Monthly ReportingYesYesYes
Dedicated Account ManagerYesYesYes
Keyword Bid OptimizationYesYesYes
Display Adsa la carteYesYes
Retargeting Advertisinga la carteYesYes

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