Media Planning

Media planning is the overall process of helping a business determine what advertising approach would be most effective for their business. Media planning involves addressing issues such as which platforms to use; new media or traditional media; what distribution channels to use; what type of ads to push through these channels, how often should these ads be served; which demographics should be targeted; how much should be spent on each channel, among other related issues. A media planning agency must therefore have a good grasp on the different dynamics that affect advertising. Fresh Design is such a firm. Our experience handling media planning for multiple customers over the years has helped us understand the process better. We know, for instance, that when a company comes to us to undertake their media planning, the first question to ask is always budget related. This may sound a bit callous but starting off with realistic expectations is the best place to start. This helps us know the more specific approaches to undertake to get the client the best results for their campaign. To find out more about how we can help you with your media planning, please call us on 312.880.9337 or email us at today.


Fresh Design Media Planning Process

  1. Media planning is an equal mix of strategy and execution. Our first step therefore involves strategic evaluation of the goals and message your business wants to push out through the marketing campaign.

  2. We then take time to discover and understand the target audience. This step may also involve creating and maintaining a contact list if necessary.

  3. The next step checks in with us researching and analyzing the various media channels that are available to you at your campaign level and budget.

  4. Based on your budget, we create an approximate and customized plan for your media initiative that offers the best options in terms of reach, effectiveness and measurability.

  5. The media distribution phase then kicks in where we negotiate rates on your behalf and deploy ads via approved channels.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Media Planning?

Fresh Design maintains links with various media channels including media houses that give us an upper hand when negotiating for better rates and distribution. Our media planning skills also extend to discovering and compiling more effective media channels, rather than just sticking to a simple repetitive formula for all our clients. To speak with one of our client relations executives about your next media campaign, call us today on 312.880.9337 or email us at [email protected]


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