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Mobile advertising is blowing up! According to a study done by Mobile Marketer, mobile marketing and advertising is expected to grow 26% year on year to reach an unprecedented $38.1 billion by 2018, up from $9.4 billion in 2012. Google in their ZMOT state of mobile advertising surveys echo these results showing up to 80% of all global advertising growth is being fueled by mobile advertising. (Check out more mobile advertising stats here.) By definition, mobile advertising is serving up any form of display ads to users accessing a website or app from a mobile device. This includes mobile advertising banner ads and other forms of advertising. Fresh Design has extensive experience developing mobile advertising banners for mobile apps. Our expertise revolves around developing mobile advertising banners that meet app store requirements and that render well in whichever mobile platform environment the app is running on. Taking advantage of mobile advertising is tapping into the millions of users using their smart mobile devices to access the web and web services close to 75% of the time. Mobile advertising works for any form of marketing and advertising owing to the huge number of mobile apps out there that incorporate mobile advertising. To take advantage of this fertile market, talk to us and let’s talk about how to evolve your marketing campaign into mobile advertising.

Fresh Design Mobile Advertising Process

  1. Mobile advertising is a content minimalist process. In fact, the less content you can use to put across your message the better. Our first step is therefore to determine what your goals and message for the campaign are and optimize them for mobile advertising.

  2. The next step is to discover the relevant apps that will be serving up your ads and identify any competitors in the current market that already have ads in the same space.

  3. The third step is based on your budget, where we create, approximate and customize the advertising campaign plan.

  4. The fourth step involves deciding which are the most effective channels to use (mobile apps, mobile websites, tablets, etc.) and the distribution plan when we go live.

  5. Of course no advertising plan is complete without metrics so we ensure everything within the campaign is tracked and measured, to be served up on an all-inclusive dashboard that helps us evaluate the campaign progress, success and effectiveness.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is as much a technical feat as much as it is a marketing challenge. Working with a purely marketing firm would put you at a great disadvantage when it comes to mobile advertising. Fresh Design on the other hand is a full-spectrum digital marketing firm with a robust technical team to compliment the marketing team. We understand mobile so for us, mobile advertising is an extension of our already-extensive experience with mobile. Call us today on 312.880.9337 to schedule an appointment with one of our client relations executives and let’s discuss how to put mobile advertising to work for you.

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