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We now live in an age of smartphones and mobile applications or apps, as we have come to fondly refer to those little icons on our phones that make our lives easier, happier and more delightful. So in a way, it’s sort of a no-brainer that if so many people use mobile apps today (including you), you need to be thinking about going the app way too. Whether you are a business or someone with a great idea for an app but lack the coding skills, Fresh Design Studios has the skills, experience and know-how to design and build beautiful, functional and well received apps for your needs. Mobile apps have the ability to help you tap into wider markets as smartphone penetration rates reach greater levels over time. Having a mobile app to compliment your website and mobile website is the right choice for any business or entrepreneur seeking to take their venture to the next level. Our extensive experience designing and building mobile apps over a wide range of platforms also gives you the broad-stroke approach to target and harness the market segments that most conform to your idea. Building apps is not only about coding, however, so we also help you figure out the best way to position your app and by leveraging our other services such as SEO and SEM, we’ll help you market your app and generate the sort of returns you hoped for. All this can be a reality, it all starts with one phone call or email to us to kick things off. Reach out to us here 312.880.9337 or here; we’d love to hear about your app idea and help you turn it into a reality.

Fresh Design Mobile Application Process

  1. The first step in developing a mobile app is deciding which platform would be best suited to develop first. This goes hand in hand with discovering and assigning the general objective behind the project. This helps us determine the goals and sort of narrative we’ll be working with when developing the app.

  2. The next step involves taking these goals and finding out the most appropriate method to realize the desired results. This includes deciding which technology, development methods, platform approach, and so on to work into the development plan.

  3. We then incorporate the design elements expressed by the client in collaboration with our designers into end-user UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) outlays that ensure the best delivery of the client’s narrative.

  4. The alpha launch and test phases then kick in where we test the MVP (minimum viable product) among a small group of target audience and the client’s associates, friends and family.

  5. Once we are all happy with the app in its current incarnation, we work on integrating advertising, social media, and other elements into the app for promotion purposes.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Mobile Application?

Working with Fresh Design is working with a firm that has years of experience in developing and marketing mobile apps. We have a veritable stable of experienced programmers that when added to our past success in developing mobile apps culminates in the sort of mobile app development partner you would want to be working with on your next mobile app. Call or email us today to find out how we can work together to turn your mobile app idea into a success. The digits are 312.880.9337 and [email protected]

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