Newspaper & Magazine Advertising

In today’s marketing landscape, there’s the ongoing conflict many businesses are faced with on a daily basis: new media vs. traditional media? At Fresh Design, we believe each has a role to play in today’s marketplace. While some marketing campaigns fare well using exclusively new media, some campaigns benefit more from utilizing a mix of old and traditional or purely traditional media. That’s why we help our clients undertake traditional media initiatives in the print segment. Our newspaper and magazine advertising services include design and placement of ads in newspapers and magazines. As a firm that has deep experience in the design space, we are able to translate your message into beautifully appointed ads that draw attention and engage readers. Don’t worry about that new media and old media hype, sometimes, it’s more important to figure out what works for you, rather than follow what works for others. To find out more about our newspaper and magazine advertising services, please ring us on 312.880.9337 or email us at to speak with a customer relations executive about your next newspaper or magazine ads.


Fresh Design Newspaper & Magazine Advertising Process

  1. Our first step is to determine and understand the campaign goals and sort of message to be sent out for the campaign and business.

  2. Our next beach head is to discover the potential target audiences, create and manage a list of desired media and marketing collateral.

  3. Working with the client, we then create and design relevant artwork and advertising content.

  4. Using industry best practice and hinging on our experience, we optimize the ads for the best delivery in terms of sizes, quality, quantity, etc.

  5. Deployment of the material is the final step where we help the client figure out what the best newspapers and magazines are that would give the most bang for their buck.

Why Choose Fresh Design for Newspaper & Magazine Advertising?

Fresh Design has years of experience working with print ads for newspaper and magazines so we understand the subtle nuance that make such ads successful. With new media exploding and most agencies starting to shy away from traditional media, it’s always refreshing to work with a partner with a foot in both camps. Talk to us today on 312.880.9337 or [email protected] and let’s discuss how newspaper and magazine advertising can work for your organization.


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